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Salix Pyrography (2023/20 diaries)

I create unique one-off original pieces of pyrography (wood burning)... My work is heavily influenced by folk tales, and wild creatures I see on my daily walks around north Devon... sign up to our subscription box at:


Liz Salter (2019 diary)

I am a painter who loves walking and exploring wild remote hills and moors armed with a sketchbook. Back in my studio the drawings and memories become the basis of my paintings.


Caroline Salter (2018/17/16 diaries, 2019/17 calendars)

Artist, allotment keeper, Yoga and Mindfulness teacher living in North Yorkshire. For all of my life I have felt connected to and inspired by the natural world. I hope to inspire this connection in others.

Lynne Sawyer (2024/22/19 diaries)

Creative artist and teacher, inspired by the natural world. I am a member of

Instagram: @lynnesawyer62

Simon Sawyer (2014/13/12 diaries)

I am an Artist and Poet. My poetry springs from trying to express feelings of connection to the spirit of all things and are brief glimpses of spirit and the Dragon.

Wayne Schroeder (2013 diary)

Wayne has lived at Findhorn for 11 years and has worked at Schumacher College for the past 10. He is a cranio sacral therapist and teaches Embodied Consciousness. If you are interested in his work please contact him.


Mark Scott (2009 diary)

Anarchist, fisherman, football fan, hiding in the artshed from the perils of children! Zoologist, environmentalist, lover of music, on a mission to get back to Africa!


Matthew Seal (2014 diary)

An editor and proofreader of other people’s work for many years, Matthew has more recently started writing his own, with his wife, Julie Bruton-Seal. They are active in running herbal workshops from their home in south Norfolk.


Seed SistAs (2024/21 diaries)

The Seed SistAs are passionately potty about plants and total herbal drama queens, enjoying dressing up as plants, creating fun and enlivening content and playing with all manner of potions.


Lily Rose Sequoia (2015 diary)

Storyteller, performance poet, and film maker. Lily lives to inspire and inform, in her latest project Self-proclaimed philosoph-actionist, with a passion for permaculture and the healing power of plants; Lily is driven by a deep-seated belief that there is another way.


Pete Sequoia (2015 diary)

Film maker, poet, earth designer, maker and permaculture teacher, Pete is an agent for change. Alongside his latest film project, his work explores consciousness and the design of open-source sustainable living systems through his Open Earth Ecology project.

Serennog (2013/12/11 diaries)

Serennog is a photographer, writer and retreat leader who is inspired by the natural world in North Wales.

Cedar Shaw (2012 diary)

Photographer whose first love is documentary images that archive people in their daily lives and intimate environments. Born in 1993 on Dartmoor, has travelled widely including the Arctic and Japan, currently studying photography at university. This image was taken of her mother’s hands.


Jude Shaw (2016 diary)

I am passionate about nourishing the soul through food and writing. Please visit to find out more about raw vegan delights, nutritional healing consultations and therapeutic writing groups. I love helping people connect with their yumminess.

Nerissa Shaw (2017/16 diaries)

I live in Somerset and connect deeply with the land here. My photography and writing are expressions of my desire to know the wild ever more intimately and are a sacred offering to the wilderness.


Sherin Shefik (2023 diary)

Sherin Shefik has published her creative work with Oxford University Press, the Mindful Word, ARTEMIS poetry, The Closed Eye Open, the Wild Roof Journal, and the Woman Made's Gallery. She is also a yoga teacher, lawyer, diplomat, and a Fulbright Scholar.

Rachel Shiamh (2024/23/19 diaries)

Founder of the Quiet Earth Eco Retreat, an off-grid self-sustainable woodland home in Pembrokeshire. A visionary sand artist who spends much of her time immersed in Nature ~ AirBnb Grand Designs Eco House, St Dogmaels.

Instagram: @rachelshiamhquietearth/

Lynn Shore (2017 diary)

Lynn teaches city folk how to use the bounty of herbs which surround them, ethically and safely. Find out about her online courses, workshops, projects and herb walks in Amsterdam.


Maria Silmon (2023/21/16 diaries)

I am an artist, Reiki and Sound Healing Practitioner, and I base the core of my work around a great appreciation for nature against the framework of the ebb and flow of the solar festival wheel of the year.

Facebook: mariasilmonart

Jayamini de Silva (2012 diary)

An artist, art conservator of Srilankan origin who has been resiging in the UK for the last six years. She works mostly with silk and rice paper, stone colours and ink, and focuses her work on themes of ‘the agony and ecstasy of woman’.


Theo Simon (2010 diary)

Theo found his voice when his passion for song met his passion for the earth. “As a citizen and a parent, I have to act: as an artist I want to inspire you to join me in that struggle for change”.


Jackie Singer (2017/11 diaries)

Jackie weaves healing and creative work from many strands: writing, music, storytelling, workshops and ceremonies. Since 2001 she has made music with the folk band Kismet. Increasingly, her work is about land, soul and the deep feminine.


Jay Sioux (2014 diary)

Intuitive Artist, Cornwall


Sue Slack (2010 diary)

We get along better if we collaborate with nature instead of trying to dominate it. This Buddhist tenet permeates my work. Walking the landscape, I paint, developing sketches in the studio; accentuating colour, simplifying shapes, reflecting rhythms of the land.

Jason Smalley (2022/17/12 diaries)

Jason Smalley, a photographer since childhood, has passionately embraced the spiritual aspect of nature connection through his art since forming The Way of The Buzzard with Nicola. His work can be enjoyed on his earthlight website.

Instagram: @jasonsmalleyphotos

Nicola Smalley (2024/23/22/18/17 diaries, 2024/18 calendars)

Nicola Smalley is a shamanic practitioner and writer living in Lancashire. Here she runs The Way of the Buzzard with her husband Jason, helping spiritual seekers to deepen their connection so they can live with greater freedom and creativity.

Instagram: @thewayofthebuzzard

Catherine Smith (2020/19 diaries, 2020/19 calendars)

I volunteer at Springwood Mindfulness Sanctuary in West Sussex, a forever home for retired and rescued equines, where mindfulness & healing is a natural way of being for both humans and equines alike. Retreats & workshops available.

Dickie Smith (2022 diary)

I like to paint with colour and energy and I try to tell the story of the subject I am painting through this creative process. I hope my pictures tell stories of nature, love and hope.

Helen Smith (2024 diary)

Helen is a druid, therapist and creative from the Welsh Marches. Her work is inspired by mythology, the relationship between people and nature, and the landscape of the human body.

Facebook: earthbodyartstudio

Jill Smith (2009 diary)

Artist, writer, ritual Performance artist, spent years journeying the sacred landscapes of Britian, then a decade celebrating the turning cycle in the Hebrides. Moved to Glastonbury in 1997, but returning to the Western Isles in 2008.


Sam Lauren Smith (2022/16/14/13/12/11/10/09 diaries)

Happiest in wooded and wild places, surrounded by family and birdsong. My lino prints, paintings and drawings celebrate our countryside and wildlife. They reflect the passing of time, changing seasons and the beauty of nature.

Instagram: @samlaurensmith

Vicki Smith (2021/13/12/10 diaries)

A busy bee, always talking, sharing and caring with others. Always having worked creatively with children and young people, now a ‘World’s Grandma’, I am forever fascinated by the young and their open, untainted connection with the natural world.

Shannon Smy (2019/09 diaries)

Shannon co-founded ‘Seize the Day’ the radical political folk band, with Theo Simon in 1996 at the Newbury by-pass protest. Last year she finally released her solo album, ‘With my Hammer’. “This is an album full of personal warmth, political wisdom and beauty, thank you for finally making this album”


Sophie Sparham (2023 diary)

Sophie Sparham is a writer from Derby. She has written commissions for BBC Radio 4, The V&A and The People’s History Museum.

Elaine Speakman (2014 diary)

Mother, photographer, writer, healer, grower of healing herbs. In my mature years I have been blessed with creative gifts which allow me to help others re-connect with their spiritual self and with Mother Earth.


Pamela Spence (2014 diary)

Pamela is a medical herbalist and writer living and working in Scotland. She runs workshops and herb walks nationally and internationally and sees patients in her busy clinics. Pamela has most recently sppeared on the BBC online series The Scottish Hedgewitch.


David Spero (2010 diary)

David’s photographic work distils various approaches and traditions. Settlements is an ongoing record of self built homes, land-use and communal portraits in a number of British ecological communities that challenge ideas about how we live.


Spirit of the Trees (2021 diary)

Christina Smith crafts the ‘spirit of the trees’ onto driftwood. From Talking Sticks to Plaques, she creates a magical range of sculptures. She is deeply connected to nature spirits and all things that dwell in the trees!


Fern Spray (2023 diary)

Fern Spray has always felt a deep connection to the natural world from a young age, whether its textures, shapes, colours or its inhabitants. This has always inspired her to create, either with words or images, using many different mediums.


Giulietta M. Spudich (2024 diary, 2024/23 calendars)

Children's author, lover of nature.


Sasha Spyrou (2020 diary)

My work is inspired by myth and folklore, conjuring up enchanted and fantastical worlds, exploring the sense of character & magic in the everyday strange, rituals in the turning of the seasons, and the old ones & wild ways.


Claire Stackhouse (2023/22 diaries)

I look after children and love introducing them to mindfulness and yoga. I'm fascinated by the mind/body connection and always start the day with a grateful heart. Nature inspires and elates me throughout all the seasons. But with every leaf that falls, I fall a little more in love with autumn each year.

Rooh Star (2011/10 diaries)

Singer songwriter and Earth Lover. I am learning to live more gently on the Earth, living simply and in a way which honours all life. I am available to sing at gigs, weddings and dinner parties. Album “Rhythm is Life” available.

Jess Stein (2022 diary)

Jess Stein lives in Devon and spends as much time as possible barefoot under the sky. She writes and records on how we can live entwined with the rhythms of our planet and holds contemplative and creative spaces to explore such mysteries.


Emma Stephenson (2014/13 diaries)

Loving being a mother to Lily. Artist, witch, spinner, weaver, drummer, healer. Walking with one foot in motherhood and the other in wild magical landscapes.


Robert Stephenson (2014 diary)

Songwriter, musician, photographer, luthier, husband and father. In photography I draw inspiration from mountain, river, forest and sea. I build guitars by hand from recycled materials, giving discarded yet undeniably beautiful wood a new soul.

Facebook: Treadstone Guitars

Nessie Stevenson (2010 diary)

I grow hardy herbaceous perennials at just over 900ft, near Wirsworth in Derbyshire. I choose plant varieties for their colour, length of flowering, habit and hardiness and everything is grown organically. I also design and plant up borders.


Peter Stevenson (2012 diary)

Peter is a children’s book illustrator, storyteller, musician and purveyor of Magical Lanternarium Shows, which tell tales of nature and folklore, of mermaids and selkies, of fairy folk and fossicking foxes. He lives in mid Wales with his head in the clouds and feet in the mud.

Jackie Stewart (2020/12 diaries)

Jackie Stewart is a Flower and Vibrational Essence Tutor Practitioner who is passionate about how essences help us live with more self-compassion, inner knowing and spiritual connection. She holds sacred space for deep thinkers in one-to-one sessions and groups.

Lisa Stockley (2020 calendar)

Cheryl Straffon (2009 diary)

Cheryl is a writer, researcher and editor living in Cornwall. She is the author of several Goddess-focused books, including Daughters of the Earth (O Books, 2007) and edits Goddess Alive! magazine.

Melissa Stratton-Pandina (2023 diary)

Melissa Stratton-Pandina is an award winning artist. An illness lead her to animism. Her work centres on bringing folklore to life. She primarily works in oil and pen and ink and watercolour.


Street Acts (2009 diary)

Aims to encourage creative and imaginative campaigning for the Earth by sharing simple yet effective ideas via our website and free workshops.

Sophie Strevens-Robinson (2023 diary)

Original and unique Lino carving prints made with love, channelling Reiki energy for positivity, reflecting the wondrousness of Mother Earth and her creations.


Katherine Stringer (2012 diary)

Katherine loves making art from natural found items as well as more traditional portraits. She is a pupil of nature and a catalyst for creativity in others. She also leads sessions of Bioddanza, combining movement, art and nature.

Yve Sturgeon (2009 diary)

Yve’s work is about our journey through the planets’ life, from the birth of time itself until the present day and the emotions caused by the moments that touch our lives both spiritually and physically.

Sue Sturt-Bolshaw (2017/16 diaries)

I will be your contact if you choose to sell our beautiful diary and calendar in your shop. I am co-owner of Reminiscence Vintage which caters for vintage teas and hires out beautiful china, linens, cutlery and artefacts.

Debs Summers-Cooper (2010 diary)

Debs lives in Glastonbury with her husband Vince and has a heartfelt belief in the old traditions and simplicity of the Hedgewitch’s craft. Our deep connection to the Earth and the Wheel of the Year is our greatest magic.

Jenny Sutton (2023 diary)

I am an Artist who creates works using various mediums. The intention for my work is to bring guidance, healing, upliftment and joy. My inspiration is nature. I love being outdoors and connecting with Mother Earth.

Sarah Sweet (2017 diary)

I live and work in the glorious South Hams, Devon. Stylistically my paintings can be described as semi-impressionistic with an emphasis on colour and texture. Inspiration comes from my immediate surroundings, nature and its infinite beauty.

Facebook: sarahsweetart
Twitter: @sweetsart

Anabel Symington (2017/11/09 diaries)

I live in Norfolk. I spend my time in my wildish garden, writing, drawing, thinking, mending, knitting, clearing, reading lots, practising chigung, enjoying my grandchildren and trying to keep myself well and calm in the face of modern life.


Samantha Symonds (2020 diary)

I paint the fauna and flora of Britain, and how they relate to our ancient, native spirituality, usually in watercolour. When not painting I’m home-educating my daughter, or doing graphic design and illustration for my clients in the sustainability sector.



Fi Takács (2019 diary)

Fi Takács is a Dartmoor-based Animal Communicator, Photographer, Writer, Artist and Earth Ambassador. Dedicated to generating harmony with the natural world - locally, nationally and internationally. Passionate about wild horse preservation.


Rowan Taliesin (2017/15 diaries)

My paintings and drawings are inspired by the inner landscapes of dream and vision, as well as the outer landscapes of earth, sea and sky and the wonderful creatures who share them with us.


Donna Taylor (2020 diary, 2022/21 calendars)

is an astrologer, writer and photographer with a passion for helping people find their path in life. Inspired by the other-worldly, my work aims to reconnect people with a more enchanted and magical way of living.


The Moon and the Furrow (2024/23 diaries)

The Moon and the Furrow’s work is inspired by a love of nature, the earth beneath our feet, folklore, customs, literature and history. Sustainability and the environment is at the heart of everything we do.

Instagram: @themoonandthefurrow

Pamela Thom (Red) (2012 diary)

Pamela lives near the Welsh Marches. A spinner, lover of fleece and yarn, bee keeper, walker of the land and all wild places, I have a deep reverence and feeling for the crafts and labours of our grandmothers that were.


Alice Thomas (2023/17 diaries)

Also as: AHT

Based in Mid-Wales, cupped between mountains and sea, my artwork grows from my passion for nature in all its beauty. I draw, paint, weave, grow and nurture the seeds of my dreaming.


Anne Thomas (Mandala Journal, 2024/23/22/21/18/17/16 diaries, 2024/22 calendars)

Anne’s paintings and sculpture are prayerful offerings, celebrating the inter- being of all things; the wild beauty and geometry of nature, the ever changing balance of sacred elements; inviting centred awareness and a deep reverence for life.

Instagram: @shiningedgearts

Lynette Thomas (2013 diary)

Photographer and mosaic artist, living in Swindon, inspired by the Wiltshire landscape and Neolithic sites. I count myself lucky to live so close to these beautiful places.

Suzanne Thomas (2013 diary)

I am a druid who lives on the slopes of Titterstone Clee in Shropshire, where I listen to the stories and take inspiration from the land around me for photography and Nature Art.

Jeannie Thompson (2012 diary)

Life long activist. 20 years group worker and trainer. Committed to bringing skills and knowledge about healthy groups to the activist community. Sociodramatist, Dramatherapist. Grandmother. Loves play, creative street campaigning, clowning, playback theatre, walking and camping.


Tiana (2012/09 diaries)

Tiana is blessed to be artist in residence, and teacher, in Hampshire working with boys who have special needs. She holds theraputic art workshops and sessions for individuals in crisis. And otherwise can be found dabbling in all manner of arty and crafty things!

Amala Tipper (2023/20 diaries)

I am a 14 year old nature enthusiast, I love to capture the natural world in my photography, and my passion is noticing the small things that other people may have missed.


Lucy Tipper (2024/23 diaries)

I am a botanical print artist and painter from Hampshire, drawing my inspiration from landscape and wild spaces. Through my artwork, I aim to create a sense of place, channelling the unheard whispers of the land via ceremony and ritual. My hope is that my work expresses the voices of land through the medium of plant and earth pigments.

Instagram: @tangledmuses

Keli Tomlin (2022/20/19/18/16 diaries, 2021/18/17 calendar)

I am a Wild Celebrant and writer, creating unique ceremonies and celebrations for folks who are wild-at-heart. I am devoted to words and produce poetry and lyrical prose that explores my relationship with the Land.


Stella Tomlinson (2022 diary, 2022/19 calendars)

Stella Tomlinson is an author/poet, Priestess and meditation guide based in Hampshire, UK. Her work celebrates women’s cyclic wisdom, nature’s magic and love of Mother Earth for creative vision and inspiration. Find out more at

Instagram: @stellatomlinson.priestess

Philip Tonkyn (2024/23/22/13/12/11 diaries, 2022 calendar)

I am an artist and photographer who was brought up in, and has now returned to, Glastonbury. My work expresses my love of ancient places and the magic of landscape and light. To see more of my work please visit my website, and facebook for news of current exhibitions.

Facebook: PhilipTonkynPhotography

Marc Treanor (2022/19 diaries, 2022 calendar)

In July 2020, Marc lost his life to the ocean he so loved. His magnificent art on the beaches shall continue to inspire one and all, and remind us of the transient nature of this fragile existence.

Facebook: Tribute page; Marcturian Trust

Andy Treepirate (2010 diary)

My favourite medium mostly recycled, saved from the flames or standing dead trees, is worked with chisels or chainsaws alone or with other treepirates to create individual expressions of the good in the wood.

Tree Spirit (2009 diary)

Tree Spirit is an active voluntary charity planting ttrees for our future. We combine a practical approach with a holistic outlook – raising awareness and respect for trees and Mother Earth.

Wigglo Trelloy (2023 diary)

I'm a musician, teacher and artist. I'm writing a musical to give voice to the unheard. It's a reminder of our reliance upon nature and a call to unite to protect and preserve it/ourselves.


Katheryn Trenshaw (2015/09 diaries)

Creative director of the Passionate Presence Center for Creative Expression, is an international artist, writer, filmmaker and teacher who has been facilitating groups and one-to-one sessions for over 30 years.


Lucy Trevitt (2012/11 diaries)

Lucy is an artist and poet, and an experienced facilitator working with individuals and small groups. She works with the creative process as an integral part of healing and transformation.


Debbie Trewin (2015 diary)

I love to inspire and empower others to achieve positive changes in their lives and Our World, including greater love, success, harmony, healing, and peace, etc., using Calligraphy, Photography, Art, Reiki and Holistic Coaching.

Lisa Tulfer (2022 diary)

Lisa Tulfer is a writer and blogger. She mostly writes non-fiction (history and place writing) and is fascinated by the Three Hares and Green Man motifs. She is based in the South West of England.

Twitter: @LisaTulfer
Instagram: @LisaTulfer

Sharyn Turner (2020/19/17/16 diaries, 2021/20 calendars)

From my home in Glastonbury, I aim to reflect the spirit of the earth through my paintings. I run workshops where I fuse art and shamanism to bring about healing through creativity and I just love painting shamanic drums.


Emma Tuzzio (2019/18 diaries)

Artist, writer, arts educator and self confessed tree hugger! Passionate about creating art that inspires others to reconnect to nature, to tread lightly on this precious planet and to tap into the well of wisdom that lies within.