Earth Pathways Contributors M - N



Erin Macairt (2021 diary)

I create Art that assists with nature and body connection. From landscape paintings and etchings to plant ID and foraging posters. I’m currently working on my 7th edition Lunar Calendar and an illustrated guide for young girls and their menarche.

Sheila Macbeth (2012 diary)

Sheila is founder and leader of several community choirs in Stroud, Gloucestershire. She is currently working on her first songbook entitled Dream the World Anew.


Aline MacInnes (2016/15 diaries)

An Astrologer for 28 years, also a Counsellor and Wellbeing Consultant living close to the Land and Elements, loving life, being guided and guiding others by observing the Dance of the Sun, Moon and stars in rural Lincolnshire’s open skies.

Becky Mackeonis (2024/23/22/21/20 diaries, 2024/21 calendars)

Poet, artist, dancer, Intentional Creativity teacher, magickal practitioner with a deep calling to share her love for nature and to guide others to an experience of soul-full, embodied relationship with our extraordinary world. Living in Cornwall, loving the Land.

Facebook: EarthDreamingPoetry

Isla Macleod (2024/22/21 diaries, 2022 calendar)

Isla Macleod is a ceremonialist, ritual designer, companion at thresholds and author of 'Rituals for Life'. Devoted to healing our sense of separation from the natural world and restoring the Sacred.

Instagram: @islajmacleod

Victoria Macleod (2012/11/10 diaries)

Harmoniously living with my wonderful husband and children. Flowing with and embracing the driving forces of nature that surround us, which never cease to fascinate me. What an amazing world we live in! Artwork and sculptures available.


Looby Macnamara (2022/21/20/19/18/17/15/14/13 diaries, 2016 calendar)

Looby Macnamara has written People and Permaculture, 7 Ways to Think Differently, Strands of Infinity and her new book, Cultural Emergence. She runs a permaculture smallholding and education centre in Herefordshire – Applewood Permaculture Centre. For books, courses and blog see below:

Instagram: @loobymacnamara

Shanti Macnamara (2021/20 diaries)

Shanti Macnamara is a circus performer, artist, a developing writer who has grown up with permaculture always around her. She grew up in Wales, yet has moved around her whole life. She is inspired by the magical and the mundane.

Suzanna Magic (2023 calendar)

I am an empath and energy practitioner. I work with crystals and colour and specialise in moon energy meditations, psychic development, personal and planetary healing. My poems describe my connection and experiences with the natural world.

Kim Major-George (2010/09 diaries)

Spiritual journey has greatly influenced her professional art and prominent career moves. She is known for her evocative atmospheric collagraphs and sculptured panels. She facilitates workshops in her studio and in art centres and exhibits up and down the country.


Hannah Malhotra (2018/17 diaries, 2019/18 calendars)

For me writing is about freedom and finding the voice that is as our own breath. Starting a writing circle for sharing is one of the most healing things I’ve done! My poems are always about connection: within and without...


Karen Mander (2010 diary)

I live in Devon, where the beautiful, varied landscape inspires my sculpture and photography, and supports my personal and spiritual journey, through a deepening connection to the Earth and nature’s cycles.

Sue Manford (2024 diary)

Illustrator, crafter, gardener, walker. My life-long immersion in the woods and fells of Weardale, County Durham, led to an early realisation that all things on this Earth are sentient.

Barbara Manzi-Fe (2012/11/10/09 diaries)

I am passionate about life, including husband David, my teacher the horse, our new puppy, gardening and photographing flowers and landscapes. I believe that looking and looking again in our busy day helps us to live healthier and happier lives.


Tiana Marie (2016 diary)

Tiana celebrates the elemental power of nature in fleeting images of natural forms, exploring light as the ensoulment of the natural world. She works as an Art and Soul workshop facilitator, awakening the individual’s creative spirit.


Eva Martinson (2020/18/15/13 diaries)

I am a growing artist, photographer and tree climber. I am 15 and often use nature to inspire my creativity. I also love spending time outside around, and up, trees.

Rowan Martinson (2018/15 diaries)

I am 12 and I like dinosaurs, animals, knights, games and toys.

Marcus Mason (2009 diary)

Marcus works with Soul-centred Astrology, Acupuncture and Earth-energies, combining his knowledge and understanding of subtle energies within the human body, the Earth and planets. Readings, teaching, workshops, meditations, ceremonies, sacred site journeys in UK/Europe/USA.


Sonia Mars Rose (2022 Diary)

Anthropologist of art and nature, and social artist. My deep love for nature and mother earth greatly inspires my work as an anthropologist, artist, and human being.


Eleni Matangi (2019/16/15 diaries)

Writer, eco-psychologist, dancer-in-nature, artist, mother. Creatress of gatherings for connection, exchange of ideas, deep work and new ways. Teacher/student of the Natural Rhythm of Life. Living between the South Downs and New Forest...home is Earth.


Russell May (2011/10/09 diaries)

Russell has worked as a complementary practitioner for 24 years and has been connecting with trees and nature spirits since childhood. The Shamanic Bee by Russell May, from The Treelore workshop, Oxon

Melody Mayne (2010 diary)

Self taught artist living in Somerset.


Rachel McCann (2019/18 diary)

Rachel McCann lives in and loves Scotland where she is involved in therapeutic gardening, creative arts, activism and community. Her piece is about Camas centre, a place where she has been a volunteer, centre co-ordinator, and a member of the management committee.

Marion McCartney (2021/20/19/18/17/16/15/14/13/12/11/10/09 diaries)

I’m passionate about getting people to imagine a better, fairer world, and to share that ‘dream’.


Katie McCue (2014 diary, 2018 calendar)

Painting, making music or just trying to be myself ... staying in touch with The Creative is my path. Putting a final brushmark on canvass is like finding the right harmonies – something special resonates. Commissions available, including portraits.


Yvonne McGillivray (2010 diary)

Nature, spirit, shamanic journeys. dreams and visions, all inspire and guide in the creation of art. Transformation, healing and interconnectedness are brought forth through painting, mixed media, shrines, mandalas and sacred ceremonial tools. Commissions accepted.


Nicolette McGuire (2012 diary)

I design and make unique, beautiful flags available to hire for celebrations and ceremonies. They express my wild side as an artist, using gorgeous fabrics, stunning colours and personal designs. The flags transform spaces, flooding them with colour, sound and movement.

Hazel McLean (2012 diary)

Hazel is an intuitive/visionary artist and writer based in Wellow near Bath. Her work aspires to communicate the joy, power and freedom of Earth-Spirit energies. She also practices aromatherapy and tarot.


Nicki McLean (2017 diary)

I pursue my instinct for painting, sculpture and carving. The largest willow sculpture to date is a twelve foot willow man. Deeply affected by earth, sky and spirit, my work visualises ancient narratives, with cross-cultural links, and mythological ideologies.

Jehanne Mehta (2020/19/17/14/13/12/11 diaries, 2021/19/18/16 calendars)

Jehanne Mehta is a singer songwriter and poet. Her writing is a passionate plea to awaken to our deeper selves and to the Earth. She is fascinated by how the Earth teaches us about ourselves and how being ourselves opens us to her.

Jojo Mehta (2015 diary)

Jojo has designed and made many things from computer enclosures to clothes, furniture, websites and toys. She also writes (poetry, articles, advocacy work). The Wheel (2015 diary) is her first free-hand art work in colour.


Diane Melanie (2024 calendar)

I am an artist and poet based in Devon creating from a non-neurotypical perspective - and from wonder.

Instagram: dianemelanie_

Merlin of the Woods (2010 diary)

A practicing Druid Priest for 21 years, teaches Druid Astrology, Ogham Runes and Nature Wisdom, performing seasonal seasonal Druid Ceremonies around the West Country where he lives. He is also a Bard of the Glastonbury Gorsedd.

Tracy Metcalfe (2022 diary)

I watch. I listen. In Space I feel. I make a mark. A written word. I breathe. I heal. I Become... My ‘rememberings’ are energetic communications of my native landscape through me; there is Ritual and Sacredness in doing.


Rasma Meyers (2024 diary)

Photography is my way of journaling; I walk and I see things. Sometimes the images turn into stories, poems and other creative projects, but mainly they remind me of my daily adventures. I sell my work in various formats at:


Wendy Milner (2014/12 diaries)

A nature inspired artist, illustrator and protector of small creatures! Introducing folk to the often overlooked or unseen things we are privileged to share the Earth with.

Debs Milverton (2016 diary)

Proud and honoured to be part of this fantastic diary! Hoping to be instrumental in helping more artists and writers get their delicious work in front of a larger audience to benefit us all. Your passion is your purpose!

Uther Miraiam (2019 diary, 2020 calendar)

Uther is a writer and roundhut builder.

Kate Monkman (2021/19 diaries, 2023/21 calendars)

Artist and Creator of ‘Maple and the Crystal Cavern’, a children’s storybook all about mycelium and the wood wide web. You can visit her in her shop The Ivy Cavern in Scarborough’s historic Market Vaults.


Ash Moon (2021 diary)

A podcast host, dancer, trainer and creative, fascinated by the sensory aspects of life, and the joy we can draw out of small moments. Work connects to mental health, movement, feminism and opening up taboo subjects for conversation.

Helen Moore (2024 diary)

Helen Moore is a British ecopoet with three collections, Hedge Fund (2012), Ecozoa (2015), and The Mother Country (2019). Helen mentors students through her Wild Ways to Writing programme. She has recently collaborated on a project about pollution in Poole.


Samantha Moore (2021 diary)

A North Lincolnshire based amateur photographer, who enjoys getting outdoors (usually with a camera!) as much as possible. An eclectic sample of my work can be found posted on instagram

Instagram: @sam.moore2205

Anthony Moorhouse (2010 diary)

Anthony is one half of Sacred Earth in Ipswich. He trained in Art and Design at Trent University, Nottingham, and went on to study fashion. Anthony now paints and makes historical costumes as well as his healing work.

Jan Morgan Wood (see Faith Nolton)

Jackie Morris (2011 diary)

Jackie is an artist, writer and illustrator. She lives in a small house by the sea in wales where she is a slave to many cats. She has a head filled with dragons and mermaids and bears, and a constant wonder at the world around.


Ciara Mulkerrins (2019 diary, 2019/18 calendars)

Shadowsfall Scribblings. Talker, dreamer and writer of many things.


Sue Murphy (2013/10 diaries)

Resident of High Dartmoor. Landscapes portray Dartmoor’s fleeting, atmospheric and powerful spirit singing its special song. Images of Wildsong Camp 2011 with communities of women dancing and singing stories of the land, CDs and prints available.

Rachel Murray (2021 diary)

Rachel Murray is a storyteller for all ages, based in Derbyshire. She believes that you’re never too old for a story. Stories connect us to our timeless selves and to each other. Contact Rachel Murray Storyteller on Facebook.



Julian Nangle (2023 diary)

Age 74. A psychotherapist, an antiquarian bookseller, and a poet since my teens. My book ‘Poppy and Other Poems of Grief and Celebration’ was published by Alyscamps Press, Paris, in 2019 and a second edition later the same year by Wessex Media, England.

Tim Neate (2011 diary)

Tim grew up in Dorset with a close connection to the landscape. Now based in Cambridge, he helps organise the Green Area of Strawberry Fair. Tim’s artwork is available a handmade cards and prints.


Faith Nolton (2023/18/14/13/11/10/09 diaries) (2023/18/17/16 calendars)

Faith’s pictures record her own mystic experiences and shamanic explorations into the deeper realities within the everyday world. She is a writer, poet, illustrator and creative guide. She lives in West Wales.


Maggie Norman (2009 diary)

Turning 50 and on a new journey of art and spirit discovery. Inspiration – learning with wonderful older women, my own students and the landscape of the Peaks where I live with my partner and teenage children.


Maddie Norris (2011/10 diaries)

Contemporary Artwork on an Ancient Theme: Circular spirals and labyrinthine images beguile me: goddesses, ancestors, seasons, nature, Mother Earth and animals too. Spent many years in Glastonbury. Now dwelling by the sea and near Dartmoor. Member of Teign Artists.

Bridgette Nutt (2017/15 diary)

For me creating and experiencing art has been a healing journey, it has brought me through dark times and given me joy and inner peace. My intention when making art is to extend these feelings to the viewer.

Facebook: bridgettenuttart