Earth Pathways Contributors J-L


Clare Jackson (2020/14 diaries)

I am inspired by walking our beautiful land. I create images and stories that reflect my love of observing the changing seasons & recognising the spirit of a place. I work from a hand-built straw-bale studio on the Kent coast.


Kesty Jakes (2012/09 diaries)

I love the changing seasons; at each turn of the wheel my understanding of life deepens. I am ever more grateful for the love I feel around me, from my ancestors, family, friends, and this blessed beautiful earth our home.

Martin Jakes (2014/12/10 diaries)

Open to supporting other men in other places. Please get in touch if I can be of service.


Adrian Jennings (2010 diary)

Photographer, writer, quiet mountain dweller.


Chris Johnstone (2013 diary)

Active Hope – How to face the mess we’re in without going crazy by Joanna Macy and Chris Johnstone describes how we can strengthen our capacity to face planetary crisis and give our best response.


Casey Jon (2020/18/17/16 diaries)

I’m a ceramicist and Essence practitioner living on Glastonbury Tor, from where I draw my inspiration. Its wild, elemental landscape reminds me of my own innate wildness and from here my creative work manifests through pottery and my Wildheart Animal Essences.

Kathy Jones (2009 diary)

A priestess of Avalon, a writer, healer, ceremonialist, teacher and initiator. She has written many Goddess books, is the creator of the Priestess of Avalon training, webster of the Glastonbury Goddess Conference and cofounder of the Glastonbury Goddess Temple.


Dorrie Joy (2020/19/17/15/13/11/10/09 diaries, 2019 calendar)

Dorrie Joy is an intuitive artist and craftswoman working in many media. A mother and grandmother, she holds sacred space for women and workshops in craft and creativity on the sweet land of her Somerset home. For commissions of all kinds, prints, gallery and sales, visit her website.


Juniper (2017/15 diary)

Library worker, greyhound guardian, mural painter, craft workshop assistant and aspiring illustrator, living on the south coast. Interested in creative therapies, environmental education, and transitioning to ecologically and socially responsible human systems.

Facebook: juniperartworks

Jackie Juno (2009 diary)

An artist since childhood, Jackie is also a singer, dancer, writer and comedienne, and has been a devotee of the Goddess for over 20 years. She lives on the edge of Dartmoor with her husband and young daughter.



Kamini (2012 diary)

Inspired by ever changing inner and outer landscapes I weave words, mould clay, take photos, make films, dance, create mandalas and ritual, cultivate joy and facilitate retreats that interweave meditation and creative expression.


Karuna (2009 diary)

Karuna is a land/tree based project in Shropshire, (established in 2005) demonstrating the application of true sustainability. Permaculture techniques are applied to enhance the diversity of the area, as well as provide food, education and sustainable livelihoods.


Lorye Keats Hopper (2010/09 diaries)

I work in Glastonbury, at a friends healing sanctuary and B&B ( sharing my skills through creative counselling, and the mediums of inner journeywork, art and writing, sound and movement and ceremony.

Annie Keeling

Annie is the PR person for the Earth Pathways Diary. She is a celebrant and co-creates meaningful and sacred transitions such as handfastings, namings, funerals, house blessings and more besides. She lives in Derbyshire.


Kate Keogan (See also Katerina Tara Keogan) (2019/18/17/16 diaries, 2018 calendar)

Gleanings from the margins. Reader, writer and book-crafter with twigs in her hair and ink on her hands.

Janet Kersey (2013 diary)

I see the sacred in almost everything, everywhere, and try to express this vision in many forms of artwork and poetry whilst I hope(!) quietly walking, talking, dancing, swimming, cycling, singing, laughing and co-creating the unfolding DNA-spiral of life...

Glennie Kindred (Earth Pathways Editor)

Tree Lover and Earth Protector. Derbyshire based, I love roaming the hillsides and the wild edges of my being, growing native plants to give away, drawing trees and sharing my passion for Nature and rewilding.


May Kindred-Boothby (2016/15/14/13/12/09 diaries)

May is a young emerging artist, illustrator and animator. She has designed the page layouts for the Earth Pathways diary and is available for commissions and other design work.


Fuggo King (2018/13 diaries)

Lover of getting my hands in the earth, walking barefoot and experiencing with wonder and amazement. I want to share this magic through “Art from the Heart”, where I am guiding adults to reconnect with nature through creativity.


Geoff King (2021/20/17/15/11/10 diaries, 2020 calendar)

Nature lover, wood-carver and writer living nestled in the woodland oasis co-created with his wife in the Highlands of Scotland. He lovingly crafts exquisite award- winning wooden jewellery from rescued offcuts and writes from his heart.


Anne Kingston (2013 diary)

As a child on walks with my Father I was always encouraged to discover and embrace nature’s gifts, whether squeezing a piece of seaweed washed up on the shore or poking my fingers into an acorn cap.

Elaine Knight (2011 diary)

Artist, workshop facilitator and witch. The Earth is alive to me as I dance the Mystery. I seek to express this vision through my art.

Sophie Knock (2011 diary)

I have always accessed the living Spirit through Nature, which for me embodies so perfectly the wisdom and truth and beauty of life. Pilgrimage, family, healing and co-creating sacred space feed my soul.


Tim Knock (2017 diary)

Tim is a film-maker, song writer, musician and keeper of the Hiroshima Peace Flame who lives in Glastonbury. He is the Creative Director of the Red Brick Building, a community arts centre in Glastonbury.


Margaret Koolman (2018 diary, 2018/17 calendars)

Margaret is an international astrologer and author with 40 years’ experience. She specialises in Soul Astrology, focusing on everyday life from the soul’s perspective, while tuning in to your individual guidance.


Sioned Kowalczuk (2021 diary)

Born and nurtured by the mountains and coast of North Wales, I am a compulsive observer of the land and sea. I tend my garden, mini orchard and allotment and draw, paint and make to celebrate nature and the seasons.

Kriptick (2011 diary)

Photographer, mountain climber, gardener, engineer, amateur scientist, climate change activist, occasional Indymedia contributor.

Satish Kumar (2013/12 diaries)

Satish is an internationally renowned speaker on ecological and spiritual isues. He is Editor of Resurgence magazine and his books include No Destination, You Are Therefore I Am, and Spiritual Compass.


Reuben Kyne (2013 diary)

I love drawing from nature and doing craftwork. I am interested in palaeontology and art is my favourite subject at school.


Sam Lacey (2021 diary)

Sam’s mandalas are an expression of creativity born out of her relationship with her inner cycle and the cycles of nature. They reflect the changing seasons and serve as an offering in celebration and gratitude for this beloved earth.


John Lamb (2018 diary)

In his spare time John walks the land in search of wilderness experiences. Sometimes dowsing, sometimes journeying or simply relaxing, appreciating the beauty and maybe capturing some of the essence of spirit or place in words or in a photograph.

Susan Latchford (2021/20 diaries, 2021/20 calendars)

Susan Latchford has been exploring Earth energy in various media, settling on writing. Her first novel, The Summer Queen, in which she explores spiritual awakening in later life.

Karen Lawton (2018/17/16/15/14/12 diaries)

Karen Lawton is one of the Seed SistAs, a co-founder of Sensory Solutions, a mother, a lover, an eco-activist, a gardener. She is to be found in the hedgerows of Hertfordshire, mostly sharing her love of all things green.


Isabella Lazlo (2017 diary)

Isabella is Mother, Performance Artist, Writer, Medicine Singer and voice for the Earth; and also editor of ‘She Who Knows’, a new magazine for women, a mirror of our true power, beauty and value as women at this crucial time on the Earth.


Virginia Lee (2016 diary)

I am a mythic artist, illustrator and sculptor. I like to use my own visual language to explore themes of transformation and connection to nature, creating realms where deep aspects of the psyche are embodied in the mythic landscape


Olivier Leger (2017 diary)

My drawings are ecological imaginings of fantastic animals, their physiology and ecosystem inter-connections. They are fabricated using fine line pens to achieve intense levels of detail and to create a vast degree of visual discovery


Rebecca Lehmann (2021 diary)

Rebecca Lehmann is a Faversham (Kent) based creative, who loves writing nature-inspired poetry, singing folksongs, drawing and connecting with the land and community through permaculture and spirituality.


Lucy Lepchani (2010 diary)

Lucy is a performance poet who also writes poems, short stories and essays for publication. She occasionally works in schools and with community groups as writer in residence, and is a tutor with the WEA.

Avalana Levemark (2021/19 diaries, 2021 calendar)

I am an illustrator who loves folklore and fairytales. The beauty of trees and plants inspire me to create images that I hope convey some of the magic of life. I live in Dorset, and I am open for commissions and collaborations.

Facebook: avalanasart

Gary Liggett (2019 diary)

Gary Liggett is a landscape photographer, artist, poet, natural beekeeper and lover of the Earth.

Debbie Lincoln (2013 diary)

I am a herbalist helping people to reconnect to life and living with plant medicines. I am inspired and tutored by nature, the Tree People, green beings, and the land I live on. I share plant knowledge with herbs, walks and courses.


Sarah Long (2010 diary)

Sarah has a deep passion for the earth, beauty and wildness. She is a member of OBOD, an artist, organic gardener, chi gung teacher and shiatsu therapist in Edinburgh. She facilitates regular classes, workshops and seasonal celebrations.


Emily Jane Love (2018 diary)

Emily is a Loveolutionary, dance, and sparkle strategist. She has a vision unfolding where we are all reconnected to the Earth, ourselves and each other again.


Celeste Lovick (2018/16/13/12/11 diaries) (2017 calendar)

My newest project is a novel by the name of ‘Medicine Song’, which explores the healing power of love and music, inspired by experiences from my own musical journey and working with Earth energy.


Catherine Lucktaylor (2010 diary)

I am a visionary artist and mother inspired by the magic of the land and the Goddess in all her aspects. Drawing inspiration from my African/British ancestors I create paintings and sculptures to enhance the positive aspects of black femininity.