Glennie Kindred

Tree Lover and Earth Protector. Derbyshire based, I love roaming the hillsides and the wild edges of my being, growing native plants to give away, drawing trees and sharing my passion for Nature and rewilding.


Calendar 2021

The movement towards caring for our unique and astoundingly beautiful Earth grows every day, and this gives me hope for the future. I know that I am just one of many people making this journey, and I align myself, my kinship and my heart with all the people who love the Earth as I do, who are redefining themselves as one of many interconnected complex intelligent life-forms sharing the Earth’s resources; who are filled with a deep desire to help the Earth restore and heal the damage we have done. Each one of us has our own strengths and parts to play as we collectively do what we can to bring about intelligent compassionate change. Together, our many actions, both overt and subtle, are creating the great transformation of our time.

Expanding Into Interconnectivity © Glennie Kindred 2018


Diary 2020

There are three Hawthorn trees behind my house that constantly call to me. They have what you might call ‘presence’ and are certainly older than the house. Twilight is a special time to be out in the garden and I’m often drawn to sit with the old Hawthorns at the end of the day. A great calmness descends on me as I sit here and watch the colour and light fade, listen to the calls of the birds finishing their day, the tawny owls hooting to each other across the trees. There is so much to see and hear once you become still and nature accepts your presence. To be out in nature in the dark unlocks a part of me that has become neglected in our well-lit modern world and restores something of my basic humanity. I am brought back to ground zero, and to a humility and smallness that only sitting out under the night sky can bring. At the base of each tree I have created two small shrines. Here I make focused intentions to help the Earth and especially the trees, and send love, kindness and compassion out to where their healing energy is needed. Sometimes I tie a ribbon on to their branches as a focus for my intentions. Always I give thanks to the wild spirit of these beautiful Hawthorns and sometimes to the wild spirit in me, bravely exploring the edge-lands of my soul’s inner knowing. I feel very blessed to have them in my life.

Extract from Walking with Trees © Glennie Kindred 2018