Earth Pathways Contributors O-R


Naomi Ocean (2018 diary)

Lace knitting homeopath, mother and lover. I live in the green hills of Mid Wales. My inner cycles & the Earth/Moon/Sun cycles remind me that everything is connected.


Cassy Oliphant (2021 diary)

I’m a painter, illustrator and community artist. Folk tales, nature, my love of travel and bringing people together are my main influences. Community and sharing stories have roots in much of my work.

Izumi Omori (2018/15/14/13/12/11 diaries, 2018/16 calendars)

I love to capture the moments of nature, moving with light & wind. I also love to create new flowers never seen before but you can feel them in your heart as if you have always known them.

Facebook: izumiomoriart

Fiona Owen (2019/18/16/14 diaries, 2019/18/17 calendars)

Fiona Owen is currently working on a 10 year project with herbalist Nathaniel Hughes on a series of books, gilded prints and oracle cards about the herbs that grow in our 5 valleys, and the healing and dreaming that they offer to share with us.


Meredith Owen (2016 diary)

I have a long drawn attraction and interest in nature and how we, as humans, interact with our natural environment in this world. I find the way we manage nature, how we view nature’s role in ‘our’ world fascinating.



Rachel Packer (2011 diary, 2017 calendar)

I enjoy writing poetry that celebrates life, our awakening and our connection to the Earth and draw inspiration from the changing moods of the landscape and the ocean.


Eleni Palanzas - see Eleni Matangi

Poppy Palin (2016/15/14/10 diaries, 2016 calendar)

My illustrations reflect the all-embracing ethos of my wild and deeply green spirituality. They are as inclusive as possible, reflecting a diversity of species with beings both seen and unseen, revealing humanity as part of wild life.


Martin Pallot (2015 diary)

I live on the edge of Epping Forest and I’ve been writing poetry for a while, mainly inspired by Nature, Folklore and my Pagan beliefs. However, it’s only recently that I have started to inflict them on a wider public!

Amara George Parker (2021/20 diaries)

Amara George Parker is a poet and novelist. Her works have been published in literary magazines Voice of Eve, Aeva, Sufi Journal, She Who Knows, i n k s p a c e, and Earthpathways Diary.

Instagram: @a_g_parker

Roo Parkinson (2021 Diary)

Roo Parkinson is a wandering dreamer who likes to create stitched artworks inspired by the natural world. I enjoy an experimental approach to combine painting, printing or dyeing of cloth with hand or machine embroidery.

Instagram: @rooparkinson

Owain Parri (2016/14/13 diaries)

Owain is a student from North Wales who is inspired by nature, particularly by the elements.

Victoria Parsons (2021 diary, 2020 calendar)

Our connection to nature is as important as breathing. We all rely on this precious earth and each other for our existence. I hope my art inspires and encourages others to treasure all life and habitats on earth and above.


Sarah Partridge (2009 diary)

OBee is a Community Interest Company established to promote Environmental Education. Orchard Barn is in West Suffolk.


Marie Paurin (2015 diary)

I enjoy letting myself engulf in colours and textures of Oil and Acrylic seascape paintings. Also my new concept: wearing original paintings-brooches. Would you like to see some of them, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Catherine Pawson (2020/19/18/16 diaries)

I am a writer, working in communications for people and projects about which I’m passionate. I’m inspired by the way we can bring positive change to the world though dedication to our inner work. I live in Devon.


Lucy Pearce (2020/19/18/17/14/13/12/11 diaries, 2016 calendar)

Lucy Pearce is the author of eight life-changing non-fiction books including: Medicine Woman; Burning Woman; Moon Time and The Rainbow Way, and founder of Womancraft Publishing. She loves creating seasonal spirals in her native landscape of East Cork, Ireland.


Tamara Peirson (2014/13/12/11/10 diaries)

NLP Practioner, Life Coach and Hypnotherapist. Facilitator for personal development and transformation. Inspired by ancient wisdom and modern techniques to catalyse healing and happiness here and now. Individual and group sessions, workshops and events.


Jan Pemberton (2014/13/09 diaries)

My creative practice has become intertwined with the celebration of Nature. Working on-site gathering seeds, berries, leaves and flowers from plants growing abundantly. They gradually fade, returning slowly to the earth, leaving the imprint of beauty in our memories.

Lucy Pendrick (2017 diary, 2019 calendar)

Once upon a time there was a girl whose blood was of river and bones of trees. She dreamt deep dreams of nature’s fairytales and shared these with the world by creating woollen sculptures and weaving words long into the night...


Wayne Pilling (2021 diary)

Wayne Pilling is always looking to create evocative, thought provoking, powerful images and has been taking photos since the age of 16. He studied Editorial Photography at the University of Brighton, graduating in 1997.

Katie Player (2015/13 diaries)

Katie is a writer, sacred dramatist and creative arts tutor. She is a Priestess of Avalon and plays with Jacqui Woodward-Smith putting in the Scarlet Stitches. She lives in Glastonbury Avalon.

Judith Pollock (2021/19 diaries, 2019 calendar)

Judith Pollock is an artist printmaker, living & creating & gardening in a beautiful village nestled at the foot of the East Yorkshire Wolds. She draws inspiration from the world around her & the spiritual dimensions of life.


Louisa Potter (2015 diary)

Louisa is a Bear mama of 2 girl cubs, Priestess of Avalon, lover of this land, word weaver, dancer, wild wanderer living in rural Somerset. She is a Goddess woman re-awakening the energy of the Bear Priestess.


Sarah Price (2020 calendar)

I am an artist, creator, home-educating mum, wife to a circus(!), gardener, bookworm, woodweaver and adventurer. I have an overflowing desire to create and am always expanding my skills, my awareness and my connections with nature and with others.

Carolyn Probyn (2009 diary)

‘Banbha’ Goddess of the Land, Mother of Earth. Painted for the Autumn Equinox as part of the cycle ‘Living Goddess – Circling the Sacred Wheel of Brigit-Ana.


Liz Proctor (2021/20/19/17/16 diaries, 2021/20 calendars)

A writer and fundraising consultant, Liz lives, works, walks and writes at home in rural Suffolk, re-learning (mainly in the garden) how to navigate the world as the intense early years of parenting recede and the self begins to bloom.

Twitter: @LizProctor5

Thea Prothero (2019/18 diaries)

Thea is a nemophilist Druid who likes nothing better than visiting the wildest Celtic lands and photographing the beauty of nature.


Sarah Pugh (2011 diary)

Sarah is a mother and Permaculture teacher based in Bristol. In 2006 she initiated Transition Bristol – the first Transition city and now works with Shift Bristol, a not for profit organisation created to provide training in all things sustainable.



Grace Quantock (2015 diary)

Grace is a wellness provocateur, writer & founder of Healing Boxes & Sick Chick to Trail Blazer. She is thriving with multiple autoimmune illnesses & lives in Wales. Join the Trail Blazers’ Movement by signing up to the newsletter at:


Caroline Quigley (2019 diary)

I love to share the abundance that Nature shares with us through my photographs. I work with women entrepreneurs, providing holistic, sacred marketing solutions to help them shine. I am a Chalice Well Essences Practitioner.



Ali Rabjohns (2020 diary)

Whether it’s macro or micro vision, nature in all its forms and seasons speak to me through my own experience. My artistic practice is inspired by my own need for sacred space and walking in beauty on the earth.

Nita Rao (2021/20/18 diaries)

Working in willow and natural materials I am inspired by time spent in the woods and the rhythms of the natural world. I explore ideas of change and transformation and our potential to journey both physically and spiritually.

Facebook: Nita Rao Art
Instagram: @nitaraoart

RavenCrone (Mezzie Lucerne-Lambourne) (2018/16/15/14/13/12/11/10 diaries, 2018/17 calendars)

I am a dancer of Edges & a Gatherer of Threads, cast to the Winds of Change. A weaver of words and yarn, I am happiest sitting near a burbling stove, hound at my feet, or walking hidden trackways.

Amanda Rawling (2016/15 diaries)

My home is by the sea and near the edge of the Penwith temple landscape, crammed with hut circles and hill forts. All my work reflects the deep connection I feel to the forces of nature and this landscape.

Gaia Redgrave (2017 diary)

Gaia is a Saori and mindful weaver, working intuitively to create beautiful clothing, ceremonial garments, handfasting cords, altar cloths, and items for the home. She is also co-founder of Garden of Awen.

Ark Redwood (2016 diary)

Ark is a professional horticulturist living in Glastonbury, and has, since early 2000, been the Head Gardener at the famed Chalice Well Gardens. In 2011, he published his first book, The Art of Mindful Gardening, which fuses horticulture with the insights of Zen Buddhism.

Sharon Repton (2020 diary)

I am an amateur photographer from Derbyshire, I love taking close- up and macro shots and love nature. Early mornings are great times for getting out on the meadows or the local Stoney Wood; there is something new to see every day.

Emma Restall Orr (2013/12 diaries, 2017 calendar)

Emma is an animist, poet and philosopher, working within the British Druid trasdition. Her recently published books include Kissing the Hag: The Dark Goddess and The Unacceptable Nature of Being and Living with Honour: A Pagan Ethics


Ulla Ries (2021 diary, 2021 calendar)

Healer, artist, dreamer and starseed. Finding my inspiration with mother nature - especially by the sea, in inner and outer spaces and when hearts and souls are connecting. I love to follow what shows up when the heart is speaking.

Instagram: @misswunderplunder

Gill Rippingale (2014 diary)

I’ve spent many years drawing and painting but now divide my time between creating traditional artwork, as ‘Enchanted Art‘, and making quirky wooden jewellery and objets d’art using pyrography, as ‘Hug-the-Tree Pyrography‘. You can find both these pages on Facebook.

Marie Roberts (2020 diary, 2021 calendar)

My work is influenced by nature, magik & myth. I explore the mysterious, the known & the unknown, in a variety of media.

Izzy Robertson (2018/17 diaries, 2020 calendar)

Wife, mother, writer, editor, complementary therapist and crafter, wearing all hats with pride, trying to live lightly and dream deeply in the Dorset wilds. Stories, poems and other lyrical wanderings on the website below.


Lucinda Robinson (2016/13 diaries)

Lucinda is a mother, qualified counsellor and maker of cakes and stitched loveliness. She thrives on ‘crafternoons’ with her fabulous women friends and time alone by her hearth or out in nature. Loves to wander through liminal places where Spirit sings.

Bryony Rogers (2020/18/17 diaries, 2018 calendar)

Bryony Rogers is a writer, singer, healer and film-maker. She runs popular Heartsong healing singing and meditation workshops throughout the North-West. She spends as much time as she can consciously connected to the healing power of the beautiful Mother Earth.


Ela Rogers (2021/19 diaries)

Being creative has always been part of me and has taken many forms. My love of animals eventually led me towards painting pet portraits, which I really enjoy. Landscape painting and photography are also very close to my heart.

Etsy: EraArtsStudio
Instagram: @eraartist

Angie Rooke (2019/18/14 diaries, 2016 calendar)

Translating my deep love of the landscape into colourful canvasses, I watch the seasons pass and return, from my Somerset home. People don’t appear in my paintings but the land is shaped by human activity, some of which I try not to notice...


Camael Rose (2011 diary)

Camael’s dynamic and mystical paintings are suffused in vibrant inks, which run their course across wet paper, images of inner landscapes emerging spontaneously, creating a space behind the colour, beyond form, from which the image emerges.


Coral Rose (Earth Pathways designer 2017-present)


Jaine Rose (2020/19/17/16/15/14/13/12/11/10/09 diaries, 2018/17/16 calendars)

Feminist, activist, stitcher and artist. Journeying between oceans and woodlands, knitting, writing and plotting.


Jessica Rose (2018 calendar)

Yowling, giggling, growling, growing, burning, sweeping, weeping, suckling, dreaming, stroking, seeking, soaring, crawling, spinning, leaping, quivering and b-b-b-breathing my never ceasing prayer of thanks for the raw beauty of being alive, of touching and being touched...