Lucy H. Pearce

Lucy Pearce is the author of many best-selling non-fiction books: She of the Sea; Creatrix; Burning Woman & Moon Time. A passionate voice for women’s empowerment and creativity, she is a vibrant artist and founder of Womancraft Publishing.


Calendar 2024

What if all we need to do
is to forget what we have been taught
and remember what we know?
What if we can stop resisting
and fighting and shaping nature…
and allow her to change us?
What if we trusted ourselves to the flow?
What if it was easier than we believed?
What if it is the most natural
thing in the world to us?
What if we heeded the call?
What if?

She of the Sea © Lucy H. Pearce 2021


Diary 2019

I wanted the healing without the pain.
The release without the feeling of dying,
The rebirth without the death,
Transformation without dissolution.

The process of healing so vast and terrifying,
And yet within it is such exquisite beauty:
The seeing with soul eyes for a moment
Of what is real. Enduring. True.

Bigger than the pain, is the love,
The peace.
Finally being able to settle into my soul,
And be gently held.

Gently Held © Lucy H. Pearce

To focus on healing in this climate is an act of powerful, political rebellion. It is an act of spiritual revolution. To heal is to be a conscientious objector to the culture of war we inhabit as normality. To heal is to bring more life force to our planet. To deepen your understanding of our connection to the earth and other people. To inhabit your body more fully. To look life and death squarely in the eye. To get out of the denial and silence and shame and invisibility that you have been taught makes you good. To embody the feminine more fully and reject the right of toxic masculinity to dominate. This is anything but selfish. To heal is to offer a profound act of service – one which will ripple up and down your family lineage, out into your community and into the world beyond you.

Healing Revolution © Lucy H. Pearce


Diary 2018

Often we can get so caught up in our own struggles, our own small stories, that we forget our place in the larger story arc. We forget the way that our actions, our choices and our achievements can and will blaze trails for those who come after us. Trail blazing is what we do when we find ourselves in the wilderness, with no map and no path to guide us but our own intuitive understanding of nature and our destination. It is a forgotten skill. We push aside branches, or cut them back, we tramp down nettles and long grasses, ford rivers and streams, through the inner and outer landscapes. We push them back not just for ourselves, but for those who come after. At times we must walk through the night, guided only by the stars. We know when to sit and rest, and when to strike on. We know where it is safe to gather water or set the campfire. We know what on the trail will sustain us and what will do us harm. We are courageous and cautious in equal measure. We are driven forward not only by our own desire to reach our destination, but also by the desire to leave a visible way for others who follow.

Trail Blazing © Lucy Pearce

Can you try to picture a softer dark than the dark you have been taught to fear? A darkness which is benevolent and mysterious. Can you imagine that rather than a void of nothingness, darkness holds complete intelligence and possibility – waiting to take form?

I invite you to step into that darkness with me, now. Adjust your gaze, heighten your vision, and begin to allow yourself to see through sound, hear through feeling. In the dark you need all your senses. As you wait in the dark, your inner eyes and inner ears are heightened and aware, your instincts are strong. Your ears are primed. You are fully alive. Feel yourself cradled in it: fully held.

This is not the darkness of fear, but of love: deep, complete, unconditional acceptance. The loving darkness of our mother’s womb. Soft and dark and round and safe, the darkness that held us as we grew. For the first part of our life, we were at home within her. We belonged, intimately, within the Feminine. And part of us longs to return to that safety, ease and feeling of deep belonging.

And we can. Each night, each new moon, each winter, we can return to the darkness and find ourselves held within her embrace.

Going Dark © Lucy Pearce


Diary 2017

Nature is calling the women, and we hear her birth cries. We are ready. We hold the torches, we circle. Life-giving flames to burn away what is no longer needed, what is unjust.

We burn from the inside. The feminine inflammation, a conflagration of sisters, burning away the bitter past and lighting the way to the future. It is time. Will you join us?

These are burning times. And they call for burning women. Women embodied in their passion. Women feeling in their bodies. Creative women. Courageous women.

Gather the women. Gather the men. Let Burning Women and Burning Men come together in ecstatic creative partnership, blazing trails into new ways of being in this beautiful world.

Nature Is Calling © Lucy Pearce 2015