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Gabriel Vahed (2016 diary)

I am eight years old. I was six when I took the photo in the diary. I love exploring and the sea and when I grow up I want to explore Mars.

Lucille Valentine (Earth Pathways Astrologer)

Lucille is the diary’s astrological Babelfish, transposing the songs of our heavenly bodies into predictions, prophecies, potentials and possibilities. When not interpreting the stars and planets she mothers, writes, knits and lives lightly at Contact her for a personal astrological reading.


Magda Vaughan (2022 diary)

I am a self-taught artist based in the East Midlands. The starting point for all my work is the natural world and the energy around us. I use ink, watercolour and coloured pencil to express this.


Vishwam (2022 diary)

Vishwam is the Founder of Flowing with Life, a Heart Of Living Yoga Teacher & Trainer, a scholar of gentle anarchy, and a poet with a bent for the magical, mystical and playful. You can learn more at:

Instagram: @flowingwithlife
Twitter: @flowingwithlife

Sarah Vivian (2023/22/20/18/16/14/12/11 diaries, 2023/22/16 calendars)

Painting to Celebrate the Spirits of the Land – vivid magical realism. Oil paintings, and recently also mixed media. 52 cards & 140 prints available from 24 Queen Street, St Just, Penzance, Cornwall, TR19 7JW 01736 787522 or online:




Will Wade (2015 diary)

I am interested in landscapes that have been tailored by human touch: city parks and edgelands, nature that co-exists within modern urban environments.

Dawn Wakefield (2020 diary)

I am a mixed-media artist living in the Peak District. I gain inspiration from the flora and fauna around me. I am excited by vibrant colours, new materials and techniques. Often my paintings are abstract and imagined.

Ali Walters (2022/20/19/17/16 diaries, 2022 calendar)

I am a holistic massage therapist and reiki master with a passion for our wonderful planet. I love taking photographs of the beauty I see and I write the odd poem too.

Instagram: @ali_porpoisepal

Melanie Ward (2023/20 diaries, 2023 calendar)

I am an artist and illustrator creating visionary artwork that celebrates the divine feminine, the beauty in nature, and the beauty in ourselves. I live on Dartmoor, Devon, UK.


Sally Ann Wardroper (2019/18 diaries, 2020 calendar)

I live in Kent in the present time, but I have one foot firmly in the distant past. I write and teach courses on the history of gardens and landscapes, and the beauty of poetry and literature.


Lucinda Warner (2017 calendar)

Lucinda is a herbalist an nature lover living in the South Downs with her family and animal companions. She paints an draws in her spare time and writes a blog about herbs, nature and creativity at


Genie Weaver (2009)

Magic Mandalas are a vibrational aid for visualisation and healing. They can be personalised and used for any purpose whatsoever. You may commission the artist for your very own special vibrational medicine

Lesley Weldon (2013/11 diaries)

I am Granny Rainbow living near magical forests and ancient Dartmoor. My dream is to awaken my grandchildren and others to the beauty and abundance of our home, and encourage respect and gratitude that honours all creation.

Melanie West (2017 diary)

I’m a nomad with too many possessions to be nomadic, a bee keeper and a writer. I’m inspired by the people I meet and the little moments of beauty I see around me. I’m pretty ordinary really.

Eleanor Westwood (2018 diary, 2022 calendar)

Eleanor Westwood Lives in Devon and many of her poems are inspired by local landscapes and the changing seasons.


We the Uncivilized (2015 diary, 2016 calendar)

Lily and Pete Sequoia are exploring community life through their documentary film and website, illustrating inclusive, inspiring stories of people who prioritise community, collaboration and connection to all life.


Merav Wheelhouse (2010 diary)

My art is a celebration of nature; our family runs the Karuna land/tree based project in the Shropshire hills; working with nature is what we do… True sustainability, permaculture & forest gardening.


Bryony Whistlecraft (2018/17/12 diaries, 2016 calendar)

Woodland wanderer, Faerie believer and tinkerer. Lives in the beautiful Pennines with her lovely husband, son and cat. Musings, adventures and creative endeavours can be found at Mooredge in the Mist

Kelda White (2014 diary)

A homeopath who journeys with clients to reconnect to their inner truth and the cycles of the Earth. Trusting life’s lessons, celebrating the power of nature and joyfully opening our hearts allows us to grow, regenerate, heal and explore.


Patrick Whitefield (2009 diary)

Patrick is a permaculture teacher, writer and consultant. His books include The Earth Care Manual and Permaculture in a Nutshell. He’s an active member of his local Transition Town group.


Susie Wilcox (2018 calendar)

I write about my observations on life; I am constantly inspired by, and in love with, the natural world, landscapes, the ocean and animals, and I find peace mostly in the woods or on the seashore.


Wild Magic (2021 diary)

I live in a beautiful corner of Ryedale, North Yorkshire. My work springs from an intuitive interpretation of the essence of the woodland, hedgerows and river where I feel Gaia’s presence. It is my humble tribute to her.


Wild Medicine (2012 diary)

Produce beautiful Flower Essences made at sacred sites. We work in co-creation with the Devas of the Wild Flowers, Trees and the Land, and incorporate the Sun and Moon, and precious sacred spring or well water into each Essence.


Rowan Ulfrun Wildash (2010 diary)

To me the divine is found in that living connection of all things which forms the great web, and as an artist I endeavour to portray the stories of these subtleties which bind all creation.


Hannah Willow (2019 diary)

Artist, jewelry maker and workshop facilitator living in deepest Wiltshire and inspired by nature, folklore, mythology and poetry.

Etsy: hannahwillow
Facebook: Hannah.willow.artist

Cathy Lotus Whitefield (2023/22/21 diaries)

Since the sixties, I have been inspired to write poetry through which to express my deepest emotions and love of nature. Now as an elder, I continue sharing my wisdom and love of Gaia through teaching and writing.

Facebook: Cathy Lotus-petal Whitefield
Instagram: @cathylotuspetal

Julia Williams (2010 diary)

My creative journey is me, and a shared experience of all the amazing women I have met, how lucky am I, to share and experience the gift of life and explore the paths of expression. Blessings Goddess.

Hannah Willow (2018/16/14/13/12/11/10/09 diaries, 2016 calendar)

Living in Wiltshire, the ancient landscape of long low plains, tree topped hills and sweeps of summer corn fill my work, populated by hares, stags, badgers, owls, foxes. Moonlight illuminates liminal spaces, drawing the viewer into a place of remembering.


Sarah E. Wilson (2018/17 diaries)

I am an artist, craftsperson, outdoor educator, Forest School leader, wilderness-loving, enthusiastic dancer of Gabrielle Roth’s Five Rhythms. I use natural materials, junk treasures, and felt, to create artefacts which are beautiful, balanced, harmonious and symbolic.

Facebook: Two Dogs Dancing

Karen With (2015/14 diaries)

As a celebrant/teacher, I feel inspired to help people see that they are their own expert and to help enrich, enhance and empower their lives.


Ania Witwitzka (2012 diary)

Ania is a painter, performer, graphic designer, workshop leader and lecturer. Her work is an exploration of how the harmonious, peaceful and beneficial human essence can be experienced and expressed through creativity by using methods focusing on the right brain-half.


Clio Wondrausch (2011/10 diary)

The photos here are of my dream lodge, built from branches, bracken and broom. Earth womb, animal den, wild hearth, home. Workshops; performance; exhibitions; in wild food, earth pigment painting, dance, songs. Prints and cards for sale.

Sue Wood (2009 diary)

I have resided in Derbyshire all my life. I have been interested in the nature of reality for many years now. I have explored many spiritual traditions and also enjoyed the more recent ideas in Quantum Physics and Non-Dual theory.


Julia Woodman (2013 diary)

Julia is a Poet and Artist in Schools, and is writing a book about the evolution of consciousness. She is also a Life Coach, Counsellor, Healer and Diviner, providing personal development guides and workshops in Surrey.


Jacqui Woodward-Smith (2017/16/15/13/12 diaries, 2017 calendar)

Poet, writer, psychospiritual counsellor, low priestess walking a path of radical honey, completely and endlessly in love with the land and the Goddess. I am director of Scarlet Stitches, which, like me, is work in progress...


Sue Wookey (2023/22/21/20/19/18/17/16/14/13/12/11 diaries, 2022/21/19/18/17/16 calendars)

Sue Wookey lives in the Chilterns and is constantly inspired by nature, symbols, dreams and the beautiful mystery surrounding us. Her paintings reflect inner journeys and are painted with the hope that others will gain their own inspiration from them.


Amanda Woollven (2020/18 calendar)

I love Mother Nature, her changing seasons, wind in the trees, birdsong, cloud watching, rainbows, first light, twilight, sunsets, lightning, thunder, moonrise, shooting stars, music, laughter, words, arts, crafts, colour, magic, harmony, the freedom just to sit and to be.

Serena Worville (2018 calendar)

Treading her soul path to weave magic nd inspiration into the lives of children in Steiner education… Inspired by the nature spirits and rainbows; with blossoming heart-centred awareness beating at the core of all that is. Love!


Claire Wright (2014 diary)

My paintings convey the magic of a moment, the excitement of seeing a shooting star on a clear starlit evening, the magic of a hare standing in the moonlight, the beauty of a woodland, landscape, bird, animal, or a tree.



Peter Yankowski (2019 calendar)

All my life I have walked the path as a visual artist, filmmaker, photographer, illustrator, teacher, storyteller with the visual narrative and activism. My aim is to nudge the viewer to rediscover our true identities, the power through ancestral knowing and connection to the land.

Facebook: evolutionbydesign11.11

Shirelle Young (2021/20/19 diaries, 2021 calendar)

Painter, printmaker and potter living near the sea in Scotland. My inspiration comes from the countryside and I especially like to depict the wildlife who strive to exist despite persecution and hunting.



Helena Zabko (2023/22 diaries, 2022 calendar)

I am an artist who loves wandering through the fields and woods exploring, feeling and becoming one with nature. This greatly influences my artwork and I enjoy using various mediums to bring my ideas into fruition.


Sharon Zak (2015/13 diaries)

Co-founder of Slippery Jacks; artist, writer, and spiritual guide. Deeply connected to the land she offers private druidic counselling and healing as well as a range of courses at the sacred grove.