Ali Walters

I am a holistic massage therapist and Reiki Master with a passion for our wonderful planet. I love taking pictures and writing about the beauty I see.

Instagram: @ali_porpoisepal

Diary 2024

There is always doubt when I do something like making a flower essence - will I pick the right tree/right flower? Will I hear the messages I need to? I do it anyway but am kind to myself. This time I make a Hawthorn flower essence for the heart. I choose a tree I love though don’t visit often enough. It has the pink tinged blossom which is so beautiful. I ask permission and snip some flowers and add them to spring water and place in the sun. I settle a little way off. There are other trees in this glade, and it feels like a calm and rooted place, a cat’s cradle of healing, sanctuary for the heartsore. As I sit, Hawthorn opens me to loving kindness and the other trees seem keen to join in - Silver Birch offers support for adventures and the pioneering spirit, Alder much needed balance, Sycamore communication, spreading seeds far and wide. After a while I feel the essence is complete. With gratitude I give some back to the Hawthorn and its flowers and I bottle the rest. I thank the other trees, leaving the glade lighter, calmer, happier. Later I share the essence with friends, it feels so nurturing and gentle, Hawthorn’s kind and generous open-hearted gift.

Making Hawthorn Flower Essence © Ali Walters 2022