Sue Wookey

Sue Wookey lives in the Chilterns and is constantly inspired by nature, symbols, dreams and the beautiful mystery surrounding us. Her paintings reflect inner journeys and are painted with the hope that others will gain their own inspiration from them.


Calendar 2019

The Midsummer Sun -
not crowing, though Cock-of-the-Hill -
gazes as the top of the Earth nods
ever so wryly before tilting away,
and he showers a parting gift
from his basket of fire.
A gift of days so long and light
you can’t believe in ice or rime,
or puffy coats, or central heating,
days filled with dandelions and cut grass,
slow sheepish clouds and bees.
Take them with you,
he says, smiling his unchanging smile,
and hold them though the long nights
like a blanket.
And whenever I can
I’ll bounce my love over to you
off the shield of the Moon.

Sun Love © Sue Wookey