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Diary 2024

Moon Astrology: The Daily Moving Moon

The Moon passes through all the signs of the zodiac in just under 28 days, spending two and a half days in each sign.

Moon in Aries ♈︎ – ︎Fire. There is energy for bursts of activity activated by a need to initiate change and start projects. You have courage to set things in motion and resistance results in impatient behaviour or selfishness. Nevertheless you could benefit from self-assertiveness.

Moon in Taurus ♉︎ – Earth. This is energy that connects to the senses and seems stubborn but it can settle into calm stability, leaving you feeling careful and seeming unhurried. If a concern with material security becomes stuck this can be transformed through sensuous and grounded activity.

Moon in Gemini ♊︎ – Air. This is a lively and stimulating time for communication and ideas, for reading and speaking in every form. There is often more than one activity happening at once or simply restlessness and scattered emotions. Be ready to take notes that can be reviewed.

Moon in Cancer ♋︎ - Water. The Moon rules this sign and so we can see heightened emotionalism but these emotions are clearly expressed. Domestic concerns are highlighted so make time for nurturing your chosen or given family, your friends and your home. Nourishment matters and eating together is a particularly happy time.

Moon in Leo ♌︎ – Fire. Leo is a vital sign that concerns the feeling of self. Reflect on asking for feedback and giving others input that they need about their performance. The negative ego which seems grandstanding and is very demanding can relax into the personally generous, romantic and creative you.

Moon in Virgo ♍︎ – Earth. There is a desire for the practical aspects of the mind, for meticulous detail, for discriminating and categorising material things. Health becomes a concern: it could be in service to others, or restoring health to the Earth, or gathering herbs.

Moon in Libra ♎︎ – Air. The mind wants to be expressed among others; family, friends and lovers of every kind thrive in shared spaces further helped by beauty, candles and colour. Good teamwork happens when people cooperate and develop joint goals through sociability, for everything from diplomacy to romance.

Moon in Scorpio ♏︎ – Water. Though they give a great energy for doing accounting, taxes and deep cleaning, these intensely felt days are not always easy to cope with. We all face the dark, shadowy side of our fears at times so express this, make space for your inner self to rage if that is needed.

Moon in Sagittarius ♐︎ – Fire. Yes! Throw off responsibility and do physical activity and note the tendency to make grand gestures and be rushed and adventurous. This optimism can be let loose to burn the bridges or we can use this energy to hurry through difficult parts of the adventure of life.

Moon in Capricorn ♑︎ – Earth. Now is a good time for organised work and progressing long-term activities so lean into the practical concerns around these. However, when ambitions are large and progress is short this might lead to pessimism. The inner goat is the pragmatist who makes jokes and summons Earth magic.

Moon in Aquarius ♒︎ – Air. New groups or radical undertakings are progressed and the ideas must be tested. Some insights seem to be especially personal and individual. However not all that you think about is eternally true and you should be especially curious about your intuition.

Moon in Pisces ♓︎ – Water. This is a dreamy time for watery activities and magical possibilities. Firmly held points of view can loosen up, so make good use of your deep intuition, celebrate the irrational and spirit paths. Walk the boundaries so that they become known. And, as always, make art.

Planting by the Phases of the Moon

Every person on the Earth sees the same Moon at night. She waxes from New Moon to Full Moon and back again in just under 28 days. During this time the Moon also travels through all the signs of the zodiac. Understanding the Phases of the Moon for planting makes for strengthening the above-ground processes in the waxing phase and below-ground in the early waning phase. The later waning phase is barren and has special gifts.

The Phases of the Moon are marked in the diary and on the calendar. Below is a guide for working with those phases.

Full Moon - On the day of the Full Moon trim all plants that need it for an improved harvest. In the cold months prune trees and vines and in the warmer season snap off excess growth on plants such as tomatoes.

Until the Last Quarter Moon for one week - The Waning Moon encourages growth below-ground. Establish or transplant plants that need strong roots such as below-ground crops, root vegetables and bulbs as well as perennials and trees.

Until the New Moon for a week - and pull up weeds and competing plants. Scattered seeds are less likely to germinate and set seed. Improve the soil by mulching and adding composting.

New Moon - On the day of the Dark Moon you should not plant anything.

Waxing Moon, growing Moon - From the New Moon’s first sliver until the Moon is nearly full. As the sap is drawn up, focus on leafy greens, grains and vegetables that fruit above the ground. Sow seeds and propagate, take cuttings and transplant.

Working with the Void of Course Moon

As the Moon orbits the Earth once every 28 days we see her phases - her changing face - and we also see the Moon move through all the signs of the zodiac in that time, making her the fastest moving astrological heavenly light. The Moon makes connections with the other planets too and these aspects are when matters happen or come to fruition. While in a particular sign there is a period of time, after the last significant aspect and before she moves into a new sign, when the Moon is said to be Void of Course. The Void of Course period of time differs each time and these times can be seen in the diary. When astrologers help people choose dates and times for events that need to be successful, they will avoid the Void of Course Moon. This period of time is free floating and unpredictable and nothing that you plan will happen as you expect. In real life people often do have events during such times and if you attend such an event I advise that you are light-hearted about the outcomes. What is it good for? The period of time of the Void of Course Moon is perfect for continuing with previously agreed tasks, doing routine jobs. Furthermore it is ideal for reflecting, pondering, assimilating, brainstorming and imagining.

Retrograde Inner Planets

In 2024 Mercury is retrograde three times, Venus is direct all year and Mars is retrograde once.

Mercury Retrograde ~ Mercury rules communication, short journeys, medicine and hands. By extension this includes our communications devices and information technologies such as books, letters, and the information on our phones and computers. Mercury retrograde does not break things, however it will show up any weakness. So Review. Edit. Rehearse. Research. This is a great time to review contracts but not to make new commitments. Reflect on communications; Reconfirm appointments and travel plans; Resolve misunderstandings; Repair.

Mars Retrograde ~ Mars rules action and therefore it also rules frustration and fighting, goals, motivation and the work that we do. Mars is associated with iron, red and the oxygenation levels of your blood. The issues that arise during Mars retrograde are best addressed by doing and experimenting and re-doing. Work on peace-making and re-channel aggressive frustration. Tackle the difficult parts of projects. Breathe outdoors. Breathe deeply and improve the oxygen levels in your blood.

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Diary 2017

As our autumnal forest catches sorts light long wavelengths from short, where leaves still cluster they lazily reject turmeric, rust, copper; golden spun sugar flung onto the blackened knees of those branches.

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