Bryony Rogers

is a writer, singer, vocal coach and film-maker. She recently published The Golden Road: My Journey with Spirit – available directly from her and on Amazon.


Diary 2022

The incredible light
of this bright morning.
Everything is alight.
The sun catches the damp grass, making it shine.
The stream flows endlessly, droplets glowing
as it jumps and dances
over the silent grey rocks.

Up above, the huge bowl of the bright blue sky
is illuminated with the feeling
of wide hope and joy
that grows in my heart.

I am pulled forward into the future,
into the promise of
this fresh day.

This Bright Morning © Bryony Rogers


Calendar 2022

It is a great day
that has dawned, and the light
is pouring forth
and on and into
our deepest places.

See yourself.
Let the light pour into your heart,
making all things possible.
Let the light pour forth from your heart
into this beautiful world.
Giving thanks, giving thanks.

Thank you, for all you are, for all you do.

See the beauty around
and inside you,
always. Let that beauty
carry you, bless you,
bring you deep

The Light is Pouring Forth © Bryony Rogers


Diary 2020

I am opening, expanding
past all horizons; all
limits dissolve and vanish, as the
Great Ocean of Forever
breaks Her wave in my heart.

I am connected with love
across the world, and through
time and space and into
the pure presence of this moment.

My heart is beating, birds
are taking flight, and song and possibility
is growing in me.

Online I read: ‘This day assists humanity
to rise out of the illusion of lack
and into the total trust in the Creator,
divine love from the Source of all,’ and I am glad.

We are all in this together,
and as we grow and change and open
to the power that we are, and live this
new awareness, as we breathe the new, the world
will surely change.

I am connected in Love © Bryony Rogers 2017

A thousand million stars
Line the horizon, without ever
Asking where you’re going, or

If you know
You’re homeward bound. It is a great sea
We’re sailing, this life,

And this current wave
Is all you know. A silent seabird

Flies low, brushing your face
With his wing; later it will brush the sky
Opening an answer in between the stars.

Without holding onto anything.

Without Holding onto Anything © Bryony Rogers 2018


Diary 2018

I can see further
than I thought I could,
can feel and hear
more deeply.

The earth turns
and the stars wheel,
here in the present,
this night.

I can see the edge of the land
and then the open sea.
I can hear
the stars breathing.

A thousand white birds land.
Their single beating heart
thuds in my chest. I feel their love
as my own,
in the endless sound
of their wings opening.

All is become.
All is blessed.

Thank you, I whisper.

Opening Wings © Bryony Rogers 2016

I stand by the sea, and my edges soften and open
with the yes, yes, yes of the waves.

Salt tangs my lips, my tongue, and I sing to the water,
to the sky, to the birds.
I sing greeting, memory, love. I am making a prayer
at a place where yesterday never was.
I am making a dance, with the salt spray
and the cold fresh wind.

I am turning, to face myself and see a truth within me,
reflected in the arc of the gull,
screeching, above me.

What is beneath the brown aching surface of the sea?
Leagues of mystery, creatures
unimagined, worlds. Far out,
the surface breaks.

The Yes, Yes, Yes of the Waves © Bryony Rogers 2016


Calendar 2018

Here in my hand,
an absolute beginning place. The seed of a flower
that will blossom in the Springtime. The earth,
on my fingertips,

the wind passing through,
the wet of the rain,
blowing over. This night is the deepest of deep,
and in the darkness, my heart opens.

Many days ago, the full moon
slipped over horizons
shaping a future in the sky and
shadows on the sea.

And now we are here, embracing potential in the dark,
with the waves beckoning me home; the ocean,
and my heart, a wide horizon.

Samhain New Moon © Bryony Rogers


Diary 2017

Life loves itself, grows
out of nothing, into more
and more flowering.

Like spring’s rise (sap in the trees and the birds
dancing in the open skies), like the bird’s
wing opening, from the beating heart.

Deep in the earth, a bulb
splits, sends forth its roots,
yearning, into the spring.
Our hearts break open
beyond what we thought
we were, and we fly.

Full Moon History © Bryony Rogers 2013