Susan Latchford

Susan Latchford has been exploring Earth energy in various media, settling on writing. Her first novel, The Summer Queen, in which she explores spiritual awakening in later life, will be published in 2021.

Calendar 2021

Breath of life animates me
Flame of creation inspires me
The circle of life holds me
The four directions point me
Spirit ancestors surround me
Earth Mother feeds me
Quiet peace flows through me
In the magic of existence

Life Chant © Susan Latchford 2016


Calendar 2020

I will stand as a tree,

feet deep in the Earth: rooted. 

Arms up to Heaven: divine. 

I will be as a rock, 
silent in the storm: peaceful. 

Warm in the sun: radiant. 

Earth, Heaven, Heart as one. 

Trees must fall, 

rocks must crumble, 

I will remain.

Being © Sue Latchford 2010


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© Sue Latchford

© Sue Latchford