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Diary 2022 - Astrology writing

Moon Through the Signs

♈︎ Moon in Aries says seize the moment, take the initiative. There’s a spark of inspiration which energises us, gets us moving. It’s time to take action and to embrace the new. We live in the moment, responding with immediacy and impatience, keen to lead the way into a new future.

♉︎ Moon in Taurus asks us to sink deep into connection with our own bodies and the world around us. We root into nature so that we can blossom, knowing that we are nature. We can enjoy our instincts and our senses, savouring pleasure and accepting each moment as a gift.

♊︎ Moon in Gemini brings curiosity, a need to know and to connect, to share our ideas. We are individual nodes in the great web of connections which forms the universe and we learn from all the beings around us. We are flexible and adaptable in an ever changing world.

♋︎ Moon in Cancer tunes us in to our inner tides, to the ebb and flow of feelings and imagination, to what we need. Our emotions are strong and they drive our actions. It’s time to nourish ourselves body and soul, to nurture our growth and our connections with loved ones.

♌︎ Moon in Leo brings creative energy and a drive to express ourselves, to open our hearts and share our vital energy. We are spontaneous and impulsive, connected with our divine inner child. We tune into our inner glow and allow our radiance to illuminate the world around us.

♍︎ Moon in Virgo is calm, clear and focused. We connect with the wisdom of the body, bringing together body, mind and soul to remind us that we are holistic beings, whole unto ourselves. We refine and purify, integrating the ideal with the reality and accepting ourselves as perfectly imperfect.

♎︎ Moon in Libra brings us into balance, with the subtle adjustments we need to keep our equilibrium. We are deeply aware of others, forming and strengthening close relationships. This peaceful and harmonious moon also reminds us that life can be unfair, awakening our inner activist and seeker of social justice.

♏︎ Moon in Scorpio goes deep, carrying us out of our conscious awareness and into our feeling selves. Our awareness is heightened, showing us the undercurrents of energy which swirl around us and shape our actions. We are taken into the darkness to seek its gifts and powers of rebirth.

♐︎ Moon in Sagittarius calls us to explore, to break away from the familiar and widen our perspective. We look up, look out, look beyond, hungry for life, for experience, for freedom. Enthusiasm and optimism inspire us and we trust in the universe, in the spark of inner truth.

♑︎ Moon in Capricorn holds us steady, roots us in our current reality. We strengthen and sustain, creating structures which hold us and the world together. We may be taken back to bare bones, reminded what is real and solid beneath us. We climb the mountain sure-footed as the goat.

♒︎ Moon in Aquarius awakens us to what needs to change, in ourselves and in the world. The light of consciousness shows us where we can play our part in shifting collective energies, pulling on the web of life to strengthen freedom and justice. We find clarity and a sense of perspective.

♓︎ Moon in Pisces is sensitive and soulful, dissolving our boundaries and allowing us to merge back into universal consciousness. We tune in to the mysteries of life, going with our inner flow and trusting it to carry us. Our dreams and visions call us to connect with spirit.

The Phases of the Moon

The New Moon is hidden by the sun and we sow our seeds in the darkness. We make space, allowing our intuition to guide us. In this sacred pause we speak our intentions to the universe, trusting in our own inner powers and the powers around us to come together and bring our dreams into being.

At the Crescent Moon, energy is gathering. Tiny shoots begin to grow and momentum builds as we begin to understand the choices we are making and the thinking behind them. Each action fuels the next as we align ourselves with energies of growth and change.

Willpower is strong as we reach the First Quarter Moon. We are dynamic and determined in our pursuit of growth, ready to overcome whatever may stand in our way. Our commitment may be tested and we turn potential obstacles to our own advantage.

The Gibbous Moon brings the impulse to refine, review and revise, seeking meaning and context. This is a time for purification and cleansing as our power increases.

At the Full Moon, all is illuminated. There is revelation and fulfilment, perhaps a goal achieved as we reach the peak of the cycle. We become aware of ourselves in connection and in relationship with the world around us. The Full Moon is a turning point, bringing conscious awareness and objectivity.

With the Disseminating Moon, our energy is turned outwards into the world. A process of release is underway as we move into the waning cycle, assessing who we’ve become and what we’ve achieved.

The Last Quarter Moon brings a new current of dynamic energy, perhaps obstacles which need to be overcome. Our impulse to act is tempered with reflection and contemplation, a need to transform and change.

The Balsamic Moon asks us what we will carry forward into the new cycle and what we need to release. We banish or sacrifice old ways of being, clearing inner space and enjoying the peace and quiet which remains. Quiet reflection and inner stillness connect us with our deepest wisdom.

Void of Course Moon (v/c)

As the moon gets ready to transition between signs every two to three days, she is said to be Void of Course, no longer connecting with the other planetary bodies. The Void of Course moon is a liminal time, a time of transition. There may be confusion or a lack of focus, a kind of lack of resources which means that we lose our focus or sense of direction. Every few days, the Void of Course moon reminds us of the need to let go of our plans and our doing, to centre ourselves and sit with uncertainty a little. During Void of Course moon transitions, we can hear our inner voice more clearly as we slow down and clear space.

Retrograde Planets

☿ Mercury has three periods of retrograde motion in 2022, mainly in the earth signs with some forays back into the air signs (14 January – 4 February in Capricorn, 10 May to 2 June in Gemini and Taurus, 10 September to 1 October in Libra and Virgo). During these times, we may be questioning the structures we have built for ourselves, reflecting on our work in the world and the sense of worth it brings us. Mercury retrograde is always a time for contemplation rather than action or decisions and the retrograde periods this year ask us to review our resources, both inner and outer, and the way that we use them. We are called to consider what we are creating and bringing into tangible reality, the results of our efforts. Mercury retrograde in the earth signs calls us to question where we feel rooted and how we are able to bloom.

♀︎ Venus is retrograde in Capricorn at the beginning of the year (19 December 2021 to 28 January 2022). We might be feeling more introverted than usual, reflecting on our relationship dynamics and what we value (including ourselves). Venus retrograde goes deep and may not be fully conscious, so that we only become aware of our changing desires when the retrograde period is complete.

♂︎ Mars spends the final months of the year retrograde in Gemini (30 October 2022 to 12 January 2023). We respond or react to the world around us rather than acting dynamically and taking the initiative may call for more effort than usual. Introspection is more powerful than action and this is a time to review and revise all that we know, or think we know.

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