Fuggo King

I am immersed in my wildlife, forest garden, hands in the earth, out in all elements. Equally at home knitting by the fire with a cat (or husband) on my lap! Scotland is my adoptive home and I hope to leave only seeds of new life behind me.

Website: woodlandtreasures.co.uk
Instagram: @woodlandtreasures
Email: fuggo@phonecoop.coop

Diary 2024

Wishing to be included in this beautiful community I drew a card from an enchanted forest tarot. The huntsman appeared, ready to embody nature’s justice. This is how strongly I have always felt about protecting nature.

In small ways I move a slug or beetle, rather than kill it. In larger ways I join a protest where my heart and gut pull me to take action. It is within the community of artists, activists and earth lovers of all kinds that I gain support and hope for this earth. We can all take small steps and honour life in its anger, passion and beauty, embracing all emotions within the safety of a non-judgemental mother earth. I live with open skies and nearby sea to balance my concerns.

We can find a small spot in nature to re-connect. A dandelion in a pavement crack, spreading its seeds; a blackbird singing each day, no matter what food there is; a child laughing in a concrete playground under a sunny sky.

There are so many ways to appreciate this myriad variety of life. Looking for the beautiful surprises is a heart-lifting daily exercise and can work in each moment. Then we have strength to continue to seek and protect that which is vulnerable, by living truthfully in our hearts, with love.

Enchanted Lands © Fuggo King 2022


Diary 2022

My pockets are always full of seeds. Today it is hazelnuts and acorns collected in our garden. I love knowing what they can become, how amazing the potential is in such a small thing. Then there is the nourishment and food for so many creatures. I started doing this when visiting gardens and forests. It is always the tree seeds I am drawn to and our first garden hosted many pots of young trees. They became an edible hedge.

Now we live in Scotland and moved here to plant trees! A field became a two acre forest garden and the trees spread the seed with the help of wind and birds and small mammals.

So now my pocket seeds are for distributing wherever I go. Damson, wild gean cherry, hawthorn, ash, oak and hazel all spread in patches of gorse, abandoned ground in the towns and villages. You can do this too in the knowledge that some will germinate or maybe feed the mice. I also still grow the seed, nurtured in pots until homes are found. Most small gardens can host a tree and it will still thrive if you trim it occasionally, having spoken kindly to it first. Then breathe in deeply and thank the trees.

Guerrilla Tree Planting © Fuggo King 2020