Suzanna Magic

I am an empath and energy practitioner. I work with crystals and colour and specialise in moon energy meditations, psychic development, personal and planetary healing. My poems describe my connection and experiences with the natural world.

Calendar 2023

Transfixed by beauty
of autumnal sun
Shining low across the earth
Creating long shadows
Of hypnotic atmosphere.

Transfixed by this autumnal light
Bouncing off the golden leaves
Enhancing hues of russet red
Glimmering colours of mystery.

Transfixed by silky spiders’ webs
Linked across the gates and rails
Hanging bright with glistening dew
Shining little pearls of light.

Transfixed by call of season’s change
Gratitude for harvest gifts
Nurturing with warming soups
Hibernation within our souls.

Transfixed © Suzanna Magic 2021