Helen Moore

Helen Moore is a British ecopoet with three collections, Hedge Fund (2012), Ecozoa (2015), and The Mother Country (2019). Helen mentors students through her Wild Ways to Writing programme. She has recently collaborated on a project about pollution in Poole.

Website: helenmoorepoet.com

Diary 2024

How I misjudge these smallest things –
dull and dry as peppercorns,
when in my palm I hold
a potency waiting to be sown.

Dull and dry as peppercorns
and yet in dormancy they breathe,
potency waiting to unfold,
sensing fertile sun and soil.

And yet in dormancy they breathe
and slowly awaken –
sensing fertile sun and soil –
to rise with levity and purpose.

Slowly I awaken
to these living beings I hold;
seeking levity and purpose
they whisper, electric with potential.

Pantoum on Planting Seeds © Helen Moore 2012

Wild writing is a practice that requires us to carve out regular space for deepening our connection with Nature, getting out into wildish spaces, away from daily demands. We bring low-tech writing tools and our intention to open to what Life wants to show us today. Perhaps we ask that question as we set off?

To begin this co-creative practice, we may choose to cross a threshold (a stile into a field, the entrance to a park, a gate into a forest) to enter consciously into sacred time for nurturing and expressing Soul – our own and the ensouled world we inhabit.

We begin by walking, letting mental chatter subside, softening our bodies so that we notice the breeze on our skin; scents in our nostrils; the taste of the air; sounds in our ears; colours, shapes before our eyes. And we own what may be at the edges of our consciousness, allowing any uncomfortable emotions to surface, breathing with them, honouring, and releasing them as we feel ready.

We also honour our five ways of knowing – sensing, feeling, imagining, intuiting, thinking. Through these we can open to wild voices and natural sign languages, acknowledging the mirror that Nature holds up to our ‘humanimal’ nature, and remembering our interbeing with the Web of Life. Now our wild words can rain onto the page.

A Wild Writing Practice © Helen Moore 2022