Isla Macleod

Isla Macleod is a ceremonialist and ritual weaver, creating bespoke journeys and rites of passages to honour our natural transitions and life cycles. Inspired by nature, forged by longing, devoted to remembering. Lover of moss, mead, mushrooms, trees, wild swimming and moonlight.

Instagram: @islajmacleod

In the woods where rock and moss meet,
Ferns unfurl and Wren sings his sweet joy –
This Sacred Earth
Beckons you Home.

To make your bed upon the soft greens
And lay your head down to dream.
To remember your wild edges
And feral feet;
The memory of your bones
And the stories that speak from the stones.

Waking from the Buzzard’s call,
Your body entwined with roots of Oak,
There is nowhere else to go.
Here is the answer to your Longing.
There is nothing else to know.

This Sacred Earth © Isla Macleod 2020