Giulietta M. Spudich

I love to explore the magic of nature through writing poems and children's stories.


Calendar 2023

I'm there in the sweet breath of snow,
in the quiet footprint of hare, in the curl of covers.

I'm there in the first trill of lark, in unfolding willow leaves, in the wake-up of fresh nettle tea.

I'm there in star blooms of jasmine, in the play of young foxes,
in sunlit rivers refreshing hot skin.

I'm there in the tumble of apples, in squirrel's cracking nut,
in the tingle of chill on the breeze.

I'm there in icicle rainbows, in deer's breath in snow,
in the bare eyes of trees.

In each turn of the seasons, in each changing light,

I'm there, always there, for you.

Nature’s Gift © Giulietta M. Spudich 2021