Lucy Tipper

I am a botanical print artist and painter from Hampshire, drawing my inspiration from landscape and wild spaces. Through my artwork, I aim to create a sense of place, channelling the unheard whispers of the land via ceremony and ritual. My hope is that my work expresses the voices of land through the medium of plant and earth pigments.

I use a unique process that attempts to capture the soul of the landscape. My pieces are made from the land for the land. Before painting, I will visit a location and collect elements that represent the space; anything from plants to scraps of metal, and everything in between. After laying the plant material on paper, I will bundle it up and boil it in my cauldron alongside all the other items that I've found along the way. Once the paper has cooled, the paper will reveal the patterns left by the plant materials and I try to intuit what those marks are trying to say. Using natural pigments and water from that very location, I then create unique artwork imbued with the essence of place. Working with the land itself to tell the story of that wild space. I love to take people into the wild to experience the process for themselves during my workshops.

Instagram: @tangledmuses