Lisa Tulfer

Lisa Tulfer is a writer and blogger. She mostly writes non-fiction (history and place writing) and is fascinated by the Three Hares and Green Man motifs. She is based in the South West of England.

Twitter: @LisaTulfer
Instagram: @LisaTulfer

Diary 2022

The tattered ribbons, colours faded by the elements,
dull beside the beacon berries of the rowan tree
which they are tied to –
the tattered ribbons tell me that I have found
the place I am looking for. A lull
in the breeze, and the wood is silent
briefly, long enough for me to hear
the whisper of the water. I can’t see it yet, but down
in the hollow it’s green and mossy,
the air still and cool. I part
the ferns and there it is, escaping exuberantly from the dark earth, sparkling
over the rocky bed, gathering in the pool before
emerging as a tiny, new-born brook.

I cup my hand in the water, and sip – liquid light that tastes of
earth and roots. Downstream
it will give life to fields and beasts;
here it emerges bright and new, birthed by the land. I tie
a new, bright ribbon to the branches
of the rowan tree.

Holy Well © Lisa Tulfer 2020