Stella Tomlinson

Stella Tomlinson is an author/poet, Priestess and meditation guide based in Hampshire, UK. Her work celebrates women’s cyclic wisdom, nature’s magic and love of Mother Earth for creative vision and inspiration. Find out more at

Instagram: @stellatomlinson.priestess

Diary 2022

My soul sings for beauty.
For the aching perfection of a flower.
For the wild blaze of sunset and the glowing potential of sunrise.
It sings for the magnetic opal moon and for the indigo stillness of a sky full of stars.

My soul sings for the earth,
For the land, the sea and the sky.
And returning to joy through simplicity, stillness and connection.

My soul sings.
It sings for life.
It sings for love.

I sing.

Extract: My Soul Sings © Stella Tomlinson 2019


Calendar 2022

Poised at this moment of perfect balance,
Time stops as I close my eyes.
Behind me the brightness of summer is fading,
Before me, the darkness of winter beckons me on.

The joy of summer enlivened my soul
And I yearn to stay with its magic and life.
Yet something inside me calls me to settle
To rest and surrender, to slow down and trust.

So I lie on the earth and its strength holds my body
I feel safe and protected and ready to dream,
I step over the threshold into autumn’s releasing
With a heart filled with faith at the transformation to come.

Autumnal Threshold © Stella Tomlinson 2020


Calendar 2019

Quiet, damp, fullness surrounds me.
Soft underfoot, protected above.

Stillness. Expectation.
Feeling unseen eyes watching.

Fresh, sharp-clean air at my nostrils.
Vibrant life filling my lungs with each breath.

Such deep contentment.

The trees welcome me.
I have come home.

In The Forest © Stella Tomlinson