Fern Spray

Fern Spray has always felt a deep connection to the natural world from a young age, whether its textures, shapes, colours or its inhabitants. This has always inspired her to create, either with words or images, using many different mediums.

Email: fernlouisespray@gmail.co

Diary 2023

We are all Creators, Artists and Makers of Magic.
We sing, we dance, we play, we inspire, we create, we gather, we make!
We each march to our own beat and together we create a creative collective rhythm.
We are all on our own creative odyssey, navigating the sometimes daunting abyss of the imagination, but just take that first step, it could be the beginning of something beautiful.
Each piece is an extension of ourselves for the world to see, vulnerable, passionate, inspired and real, and every day has the potential to start a new spark in the universe, so go create.
The world would be a dull place without you, the wonderful unique you, who brings their own magic to this planet.

Makers of Magic © Fern Spray