Tess Howell

Tess Howell is founder of Wild Moves outdoor dance events and also leads online courses and programs. She is an artist and weaver of wild words and loves creating spaces that call forth our full aliveness.

Website: wildmoves.org
Website: patreon.com/wisdomandwonder
Instagram: @tesswildmoves

Diary 2023

We can learn to honour the little voice of knowing inside each of us. To tend to it so that it burns bright. We can come to know that we have good guidance within us - to learn to trust in ourselves and our connection with the world around us. Maybe even to know that there is some thread behind it all that we can follow.

May we know that we can forage for faith in the wild and nature- filled places of the world. That time there can fill us up. To know that when we are lost there are places we can go to and practices that we can do to get found.

Knowing is found in the body. It is a felt thing - not a thought thing. The more we are body-based, in touch with ourselves, the more we know. Seek out the things that sustain you: the solo walks in the wild where intuition may get a chance to speak; or maybe the rainy day by the sea where sorrow and clear-seeing of the next steps may both blow through; or the late night baking time - where innate wisdom may arise along with the cake- mix. Know what works for you - where you find faith - follow that thread - keep listening in to the good guidance that you have within you...

On Knowing © Tess Howell 2021


Diary 2022

The world is wild. So much needs our attention right now and these times are tense. Much seems broken around us; we may feel powerless to fix it. At times it can all seem a lot to stay still with; and just “feeling the feels” seems like a mighty big ask of ourselves... Our ability to be here, really here, fully present and be with all that is moving in our lives is so determined by our ability to feel resourced enough to do so. We may need to choose to breathe in beauty, to see what is good here. To pause to praise the world around us. We can consciously choose to re-orientate ourselves towards what is inspiring and uplifting. Stopping and looking and listening isn’t just good sense for crossing the road! It is an excellent exercise in stilling the mind, steadying the body and moving safely through the roaring and racing thoughts that may be streaming past us. By pausing to come into the body here and now and receiving what is uplifting to us in our immediate environment we can consciously cultivate our connection to the sense of our own personal power; we can find our own agency, our ability to be with what is and our inner- strength. Supporting ourselves to live with radical resilience...

Radical Resourcing © Tess Howell


Diary 2021

Our wild nature is unpredictable, yet robust and reliable. We need to tend to it, to keep coming back and faithfully following our feminine flow. We have way more wisdom than we know within us. This inner- knowing thing takes time, takes space; takes us setting down the mind and settling into the uncomfortable unknown, trusting that we don’t have to force it or figure it out. It may take longer than we would like, yet we all have a wild, wise one within us. We can trust that we will be led, given good guidance, pushed, promoted or prodded when the time comes. Clear guidance feels good: strong, still, sometimes epic and often strangely simple. Our inner wild one, our embodied intuition, is immensely intelligent. Ideally we will learn to listen, to heed what we hear; and then to be brave enough to follow that good guidance going forwards: wild and wise and wonder-filled, in service of the greater good...

Inner-tuition © Tess Howell 2019

Do what you can each day. Then rest, let go, let it be. Social media and mass media bombard us with the messages of trying harder, making it, making it better, making it bigger, being more, doing more, mastering it all. These insidious marketing messages of “Life, you can control it – if you just tried a bit harder...”

Hmm –it is so not so my beauties! There is a place to let go, and let goodness do its own part. The random Russian-roulette game of life will do what it will! We can only do our best. We’ve got to learn to let go. Sometimes we will need to surrender – be that sweetly or resentfully or tearfully – eventually reality will rock us and force us to roll with it!

Sometimes flow just doesn’t flow. It’s exhausting pushing against the grain. We can show up great and still not get what we want. Sometimes life isn’t fair and we somehow have to find a good way through this truth – with heart open – to still see the good, show up, shine, give and make amazing alchemy out of it all. All that falls will rise again. We have circles and cycles. We will indeed get to the “good bit” again. Life continues... fertile, fecund, fulfilling itself in its own mysterious ways... keep the faith my love....

Let it Go and Let it Be © Tess Howell 2019

Solstice still morning skies. Time to rest, nest, digest.
To let this snowshaker of self just settle.
Maybe to let our lives lie still for more than a micro-moment...
To let the year behind be just what it was and just what it wasn’t.
Not to prod it, process it, or poke around with it in order to make it more profound,
Or diligently squeeze some last drops of reflective productiveness from this still, shedding time.
Not meddling with it in the mind
in order to learn/love/live out something else/more/diligently different
out there, elsewhere in the future...
Just to let it land and lie still and let it all be...
And trust in life’s shifts and sheddings and turns
and to know that all is already seen /sorted/sweet (despite whatever weird way it may be looking).
To let it all (and us all) lie still and soft, seen and held
Here, in the heart.

Winter Solstice - Let the Snow-Shaker of Self Settle © Tess Howell


Calendar 2021

“You were wild once – don’t let them tame you” dancer Isadora Duncan said. So what is the wild thing that lives deep within us and how might we find our way back to it? Maybe we hear it whispering to us occasionally on the wind- calling us back to the core of things... Maybe we can cultivate a sense of being moved by the mystery on a day-to-day basis. It’s the urge that draws us to the sea-shore, to dance deep, make art and love, seek moments of meaning, feeling - fully - amidst all of the day to day duties. We must seek out what sustains our soul day to day. Life can get full and we get fraught! We must tend to our own dear wild and tender heart amidst all we care for and are cultivating. We must bring life into our lives. May we remember that we are human, animal, matter, mystery, made of nature; not separate and superior from the animate and animal world around us....

Wild Ones © Tess Howell 2019