Thea Holly

For the past thirty years I have created opportunities for psychic and spiritual growth facilitating workshops developing our links with vibrational support networks, Nature Spirits and the healing energy of the Earth.


Diary 2023

I have lived in my little cottage beneath some of the loveliest hills of Exmoor for over thirty years but had never once seen fireflies in all that time until July. I had taken the dogs up the lane as night was falling and noticed tiny points of bright yellowish light coming from a small area of tall grasses beneath a stone wall. I thought I was looking into the eyes of a neighbourhood cat but my dogs showed no interest. I shone my torch into the scrub thinking that perhaps the lights might be bouncing off a discarded tin can but I couldn’t find anything at all in the long grass.

The next morning I searched for what might have created those tiny points of light and found nothing. But that evening the lights were there again, and leaning in closer I saw the little striped bodies of three fireflies. How beautiful they were. Glow-worms are the only species of fireflies to be found in Britain and seem to be on the decline, although no real research has apparently been undertaken. They live for two years and sadly the females cannot fly, so it takes a tremendous effort to become established in a new area. To me they are a sign of real hope.

Exmoor Fireflies © Thea Holly 2021


Diary 2019

For many years I dreaded the approach of Winter. I associated this with the loss of light that begins to set in soon after September draws to a close, in spite of the trees displaying their beautiful colours of yellow, orange through to the most amazing tints of red.

One foggy Autumn morning as I climbed the hilly path above my cottage, my dogs racing ahead of me, I stopped to view the Ash trees on the slope below me, stripped bare of their leaves. I had read that trees withdraw their energy when Winter approaches and this knowledge simply added to the dip in my own energy as I spiralled slowly down towards my own inner hibernation. But as I clambered down to stand closer to these beautiful trees, I felt a familiar healing sensation surround and uplift me.

Trees never switch off their healing support no matter what time of year it is. Tree spirits don’t melt into the trunk of the tree and simply wait until Spring to share their wonderful vibrational energy with those needing to recharge their inner light. They are always there waiting for us to ask, to link in, to be awakened to all that is around us. Nature in all its forms is willing to support us when we are ready to ask, no matter what the season is.

Nature’s Healing Support © Thea Holly