Polly Hall

Polly Hall lives in Somerset, UK. Nature lover, writer & poet. Author of Bram Stoker Award Nominated novel, The Taxidermist's Lover. Her flash fiction, poetry and stories have been included in national and international anthologies, competitions and collaborative arts projects.

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Calendar 2023

November – on this earth
this year
reflecting back
each leaf a memory
gone to ground
streams always finding their course
branches reaching up
as if the answers are in the sky
the light softer now
days shortening
sleep beckoning
like tiny footsteps on broken bark
shadows rest like ink smudged on skin
if you only knew how easy it is
to grow one day at a time
I was once a promise in a nutshell
I was once as small
as that dream you hold.

The Trees Said © Polly Hall


Calendar 2019

Sit and empty your pockets
Of all that does not serve you.
Let the stillness of your heart
Silently guide you towards a
True path that spirals
Invisibly outward once again.
Create space for abundance.
Enlace your intentions with love.

Solstice © Polly Hall