David Greygoose

Author of Brunt Boggart: A Tapestry of Tales (Pushkin) and Mandrake Petals and Scattered Feathers: Tales from the Forest and Beyond (Hawkwood)

Diary 2023

There was a man standing in the wood.
He stood for hours.
He stood for days.
Almost as if he was a tree himself.
And his clothes turned rusty grey,
the colour of old branches,
and his skin a furze of green
as the moss spread all about him.
And he stood.
And he waited.
And he saw the birds come and go,
trailing the wind in their tails.
And the insects crawling
through the labyrinth of leaves.
And smelt the wild joy of the sky
singing high above him.
And his boots they took root
as he stood.
And he knew he could never go home.

There Was A Man © David Greygoose 2020