Estelle Garstang

A poet, singer and lover of Nature, I seek out green spaces whenever I can and try to capture the feeling the natural world gives me in words and song, in order to honour and express the joy it gives me.

Diary 2023

A breeze strokes
chilled cheeks
as gently as hands

Trickling water
takes sorrows like fallen leaves
and carries them off

A shaky breath
out and curls away
between the trees

The sky wraps around my shoulders
like a blanket
A home I can return to
wherever I am

A Cure for All Heartbreaks © Estelle Garstang 2021


Diary 2021

I went down to the sea at dusk, and it seemed to be saying farewell.
I followed the curving road, winding my way up and down hills, the blue
horizon dipping and hiding before me;
Running, skipping, hair trailing in the wind,
twirling my scarf like a little girl,
searching for the last blackberries in the thickets

Autumn will be here soon.
I trip forwards in the last rays of the sun
as though when I reach the water I will carry on walking,
through the blue and into the clouds
and ride with the sun over the rim
to a land of endless summer

The Last Day of Summer © Estelle Garstang 2017