Stephanie Drane

Stephanie Drane is a Wild Woman, Frith Weaver, Reiki Master, Spiritual Artist and Writer living and working under the wide Suffolk Skies. Stephanie can be found barefoot in a field, swimming in the river or at:


Diary 2023

Your footprints upon the earth and the space your body and energy take up mark your place; only you can fill that space and that is where you belong. You take that belonging wherever you go, it is right there where your feet touch the Earth.

You are important, valid, needed. Your unique self brings something that only you can to that Earth space. Know that all you need to do right now is be you, in that space. That is enough. This is where you belong, a beautiful soul on Earth.

Belonging Blessing © Stephanie Drane 2020

Cave of wild women,
Deep and dark, strong and bright,
Soul bearers, song singers, story weavers.
Women of fire;
Sparks in the smoke,
Feet in the Earth.
Dancing life with Wisdom,
to our rhythm.
Carried you in our belly,
Nourished you at our breast,
We walk within you still,
We are the fire that inspires you.
We are the water within you,
pulled by the moon.
We can be heard in your song,
Our beat pulses in your dance,
Our rhythm is in your blood.
The dust of our bones is your ground,
plant yourself there
and grow.

The Foremothers Song © Stephanie Drane 2017


Calendar 2023

Calling in pillars of light,
Singers of ancient songs, writers of new verses,
Knowers, seers, feelers, wise, strong, free,
Fire of passion in our bellies,
Fire of love in our hearts,
Fire of healing in our hands,
Fire of compassion in our eyes,
Fire of wisdom in our minds,
Earth at our feet, the universe at our fingertips,
Magick in our souls,
Moonlight in our dancing and sunlight in our laughter,
We are beautiful souls on an earthbound journey,
Let’s gather to recharge and reconnect with nature,
to nurture our bodies, minds and souls
and remember how glorious we are.
There is room for us all to shine.
Let's raise each other up.

Calling In © Stephanie Drane 2018