Helen Rachel Deadman

Helen Rachel Deadman is a Metatronic Healing Advanced Practitioner and Reiki Practitioner and Teacher and possibly a writer too... who lives in the beautiful East Riding of Yorkshire and practices in York at The Zentist.

Website: thezentist.co.uk
Email: rhdeadman@gmail.com

Diary 2021

Stripped bare,
Like the trees in the garden,
Golden soft and dreaming,
Leaves half-on, half-off,
Now all my leaves are gone,
And I rest in slumber deep,
Mulch forming beneath my feet.
My roots go down deep,
Into the earth beneath.
I slumber until spring,
Ready to grow anew,
Out of the rich compost of forgiveness.
All gone now, all forgiven,
And all in perfect peace and love and light.

Stripped Bare © Helen Rachel Deadman