Ali Davenport

Ali Davenport is a poet, writer and soul-searcher from Manchester. She is passionate about questions and connection.


Diary 2024

Be a human tree.
Push your roots down
to ancestral ground.
Know you have always been elemental;
a soil being of infinite potential;
willed to grow, evolve. Become.
Push down to the beating, breathing earth;
to the rapture of the mycelium horde,
connected beyond count
with a trillion times threads.
You are not just enough;
you are a marvel beyond reckoning,
renewing yourself on the compost of leaves
teeming with life that re-turns
and re-turns.
Stretch out your abundant arms!
Know how magnificent you are!

Be a Human Tree © Ali Davenport 2022


Diary 2023

Find your tribe,
the people to sit around the fire with as you are,
nodding at your stories because they know
And you in turn, honouring their words
with your heart’s warmth.

Thread beads with these folk
on sturdy twine; garland yourself
to ward away any doubt you belong.

They’re yours, this clan,
this grounding ring.
Break bread and whittle the shared intent.
They know the direction of the winds.

They’re kin, this tribe
And as your dance comes
they’ll open their palms receiving your soul-
song under the stars.

Find Your Tribe © Ali Davenport 2021


Calendar 2023

In these uncertain times,
trust the roundel of the day;
that earth turns & dawn comes after night.

Trust the year’s ring;
spring green & bursting seed,
swelling into summer robes
before the letting go.

Be sure that life beats underground
in wintertide.
The wheel shifts. There’ll be rebirth.

Trust the wax and wane,
as your ancestors did. They’re in your bones.
You walk on ground where they drummed,
silvered by the same moon.

We’re all in this great round of life.
Trust & be blessed.

Trust the Round © Ali Davenport 2021