Anabela CP

I live and work in the Surrey Hills where I walk in woods and dream on hilltops. Nature never ceases to delight and inspire me; sometimes the wonder and beauty of it all weaves words and rhythms into poetry.


Diary 2023

A path rising into darkness
Revealed itself and beckoned,
Guiding her into the unknown.

Carried on winds with excited breath,
In the call of generations before her
She’d heard the voices of unseen faces.

As steady tabor her footsteps trod
The tree-lined track till at the top,
Toward the dome of distant dreams.

She knew this place! It graced her soul
Where the world spoke words of wisdom
Whispered quietly within.

Suspended between Earth and cosmic canopy
In this moment there was eternity,
And all known yet unknown.

The Known Unknown © Anabela CP 2021