Debbie Collins

My passion - conscious movement in all its manifestations. My work honours through acupuncture, counselling, supervision/mentoring, sweat lodge, co-gender circles, Death Cafes, healing ourselves one person at a time as our personal commitment to honour and heal Gaia.


Calendar 2021

What if
Our earth needs bare feet,
Like trees need birdsong to thrive?
Where soul and soil meet.

What if
Our naked feet need
Soil’s caress, like birds need trees?
Without it, souls bleed.

What if
Earth’s body needs ours?
No shoes to crush tiny plants -
Barefoot dancing flowers.

What If © Debbie Collins 2019


Calendar 2020

Hard brings forth tender
Spring green from bark’s tough roughness
Unfurling splendour

Birthing Tender © Debbie Collins