Judith L Cobby

I’m a shamanic practitioner, counsellor and mind/body energy specialist. Working closely with nature and spirit, I hold space so others may be empowered and healed. I also teach and share about the wisdom and alchemy of our natural world.

Website: healing-inspiration.co.uk

Diary 2021

What will my personal seeds be? New fresh ideas and ways of being,
Moments of beauty, desires for the future? What’s really important to plant right now?

Seeds need a fertile foundation to thrive. It too has to be nourished and looked after;
To be rich, open and well ‘dug’ over, Giving my seeds the right conditions to grow.

Once my ‘base’ is ready the questions come: What type of seeds are right for me now?
What can I do to help them flourish within? How will it be when they grow and develop?

My seeds are to offer love, wisdom and healing, With empathy, compassion and respect.
And, that I understand more of who I truly am Whilst I travel along this amazing path.

So, by nurturing and cultivating these seeds, Sharing and learning from others along the way,
My heartfelt gratitude is sent to the Universe, As I expand, evolve and unfurl with love.

Seeds to be Sown © Judith L Cobby 2018