Rebecca Card

I am an Underworld Guide who inhabits, works with and is ensouled by the land and the other-than-humans. I’m passionate about cultural healing and work with grief, transitional rites ceremonies, nature-based human development and soul initiation journeys.


Diary 2022

I know what this soul wants ~
to sit in the completeness of itself,
to move in the soft and unpredictable manner
of a passing cloud;
a sky-clad dance continuously becoming something else,
something other than what it thought it was,
and then, nothing at all.
This soul will find completion only
by letting go of what keeps her ‘safe’.
By leaning into the wind,
breath carrying the wings of the corvid’s dream,
my voice, the voice of every wild beast
reaching its own soul outward,
searching for brethren and belonging ~
a primal and innate sound that knows
the only clue we were given
was to learn to trust.
I will do more than just survive;
I will find the ‘yes’ in my bones,
the fire in my belly,
the earth in my blood.

The ‘Yes’ in my Bones © Rebecca Card 2012

This golden moment
just happens to be
the best moment
of my entire life.

Not because I asked it to be
and not because I sought it out.

This begging bowl heart is already made
of all the different shades of gold -
it is not asking or waiting
but already full
of an emptiness
as ripe and juicy as
the blackberries and hawthorns;
shining, receiving and, therefore,
being received.

All the Different Shades of Gold © Rebecca Card 2008


Calendar 2019

When the Great Sun Himself
begins, slowly, to turn
His face
towards you,
towards the land you belong to.
When the first birds' voice
announces with absolute
and sublime clarity
that life really is worth living.
When the first breath
of Day
enters your lungs
and asks
that you join in
The body changes;
the sap inside rises, too,
and greets this crucial news
with equal and appropriate expectation.
The definitive moment
of Spring's arrival
can be missed
when we remain
too far down.
This definitive moment
is ours to embody,
and has waited for us
through the darkness
of our Winter dreaming.
This well-earned opportunity,
is the fundamental knowing in our cells,
the re-membering
that life really does
receive life.

Ours to Embody © Rebecca Card 2014