Jules Burrell

Jules Burrell works as an Acupuncturist in Penrith. Blessed to live in the beautiful Eden Valley, Cumbria, my poems are birthed communing in quiet contemplation with the river Eden, or with my special trees or sitting on top of the Lakeland fells.

Website: acupuncturepenrith.co.uk
Email: acupuncturepenrith@hotmail.co.uk

Diary 2021

When I am at one with all around me, I feel a deep inner peace,
a calmness, a connection,
an inner knowing right in my core, the centre of my being.........
I am more than body, flesh and bones.... I AM
I am alive, I am expansive, I am beyond the depth of my breath.
I see with a clarity so vivid, the intensity of which blows my mind.
I feel the surging energy of the plants around, flowering in perfect brilliance.
I feel the heartbeat of the earth and know
with an unshakeable knowing that we are connected,
that my part counts, that my higher resonance has a profound effect on all beings
and on the continuous evolving of the universe.
I feel my power and I claim my power
and in these moments, I absolutely know all things are possible.

One © Jules Burrell