Lindy Brook Tweed

I love supporting our beautiful planet in many creative and practical ways. For the past few years I’ve co-created Breathing Space at Stanmer Organics near Brighton – a semi wild garden which provides a quiet space for visitors to connect with nature.


Diary 2023

In Stanmer Park near Brighton there is a poly tunnel that belongs to Wild Flower Conservation Society, Brighton and Beyond. On Tuesday mornings we volunteers prick out and pot on small wild flower seedlings which are grown on to become semi mature plants sold to the general public, local wild life groups and local councils. John Gapper aka the Green Man of Sussex has had a love of wild flowers for the past 45 years and started the project in the council nursery nearby. In 2018 this nursery was turned into a garden centre with no space for wild flowers. However our local ranger, Sally, rescued the project, sought funding from Southdowns National Country Park plus land donated from Brighton & Hove Co. Council in order to start off WFCS and our chair person, Linda, successfully applied for charitable status. We happily give our time to this work as we know we’re slowly beginning to enhance and increase the tiny amount of wild flowers (15%) that have been saved from damaging agricultural methods and habitat loss. Many of the plants such as Horseshoe vetch provide nectar and food for some rare and endangered species of butterflies and their caterpillars such as the Adonis and Chalk hill blues found on the Southdowns. The work is both vital and rewarding as we work to knit together and enlarge the little patches of wild flowers in and around the towns along the South coast of West and East Sussex and beyond.

Wild flowers © Lindy Brooke Tweed 2021


Diary 2018

I sit in the Willow Bower in my rainproof poncho which covers me completely. Inside I feel dry, warm and cosy. Around me I hear a steady dripping from the leaves. The smell of the rain connects me to the Earth as it sweetens the Air. The roots beneath me seem to sigh as they accept this offering of nourishment. The gift of life.

After some moments I get up and walk slowly, feeling each step making contact with the wet grass as I move towards the Honeysuckle bowed down by rain. Then on to the May blossom where each tiny white flower holds a shining diamond. The corrugated leaves of the Hornbeam, newly unfurled, create tiny rivulets for each droplet before it cascades downwards. Every drop of rain I see on each plant, leaf, flower and tree holds a glistening orb before falling to nourish the Earth.

I follow the path carefully, slowly, through the Beech archway and back to the Willow Bower to sit a little longer feeling energised, calm, relaxed and at one with my surroundings.

Rain at Breathing Space © Lindy Brook Tweed