Denise Bristow

Giving thanks for the gifts and blessings of my life is an important part of who I am. Inspired by ancient landscapes, rivers, seas, woodlands and my deep connection to Mother Earth, poetry is yet another expression of my gratitude.


Calendar 2022

Ancestors we honour you.
We embrace the dark,
welcome its coming
with a Mother Song.
Beat a drum in time
to a rhythm so ancient
it dwells in our bones,
in the marrow of our being.
A song of returning.
A song of becoming.
A song of rebirthing.
A song of leaving.
A song of the light.
A song of the dark.
A song of coming home.

Samhain © Denise Bristow 2020


Diary 2018

Rain falls, soft as tears from the Earth Mother’s eyes.
Another tree is felled; she shudders in grief and pain.
Oil spumes forth; her life blood silently blackens.
Air thickens, stagnates; her gentle breathing falters.
Oceans heat, ice melts, and coldness grips her soul.
Gently she rocks back and forth, at one with her Moon tides
. Her breaking voice pulses through the air, her cry spirals up to the stars...
LISTEN... Sway with the drum of her heartbeat.
LISTEN... Sing to the music of her dreams.
LISTEN... Dance to the tune of her Spirit.
LISTEN... Weave your light into her melodies.
LISTEN... Become the healing with your song.

Become the Song © Denise Bristow 2014


Calendar 2018

Listen with your bones,
feel a throbbing ,deep
deep within the marrow of you,
deep in the beyond of you.
Birdsong weaves a melody,
hare leaps in tune,
the wildwood hums,
mirroring the Green Lord’s ardour,
his lady’s desire.
Let go, now is the time,
light your fires,
burn brightly and dance
to the ancient call of the Beltane drum.

Beltane © Denise Bristow