Brian Boothby

Songwriter, photographer, countryman, writer and therapist. Nature’s ally, working to leave the world a better place. Visit for acclaimed album ‘Firegazing’, poetry and many other vital details.


Diary 2018

Fire as lightlure, sparkspinning shadowdancer,
.......... step-light, eye-bright, knitting souls to bones,
                            holding our dreams for safe-keeping.

Fire as solar heart, radiant orphan, starsibling,
.......... double-edged sword, driver of drought and scald,
                            rainbow, aurora, renewal and ruin.

Fire as pot-baker, charcoal-maker, oven, still, welder and smelter,
........... brightmetal midwife, forge-focus, torch and crucible,
                            fusion of To Be and Done.

Fire in the belly, spirit whipcrack, ember of genius,
........... cutloose cup of daring, leap of love,
                            arcing out of time,
                                          unleashing soul from bone

Album (from Firegazing) © Brian Boothby 2016


Calendar 2018

It could be missed,
Just for want of an outstretched hand,
Separate death on every island
Because no-one dared the sea.

But from such a scattering, here's a thing:
A navajo frame, threads of unsung mystics;
There, aborigine weft, tibetan warp;
In us all, colour and strength,
Spirit and science.

From every island hands dare the sea,
A new tribe is weaving
To warm mother earth.
It can be done.
It could be missed.

It could be missed © Brian Boothby


Calendar 2017

Breathe in
the deep faraway,
clean the palate on the moist and smell of far-off snow.
Gentle the eyes on moss-top autumn trees
and whistle in the winterbird from the patchwork stars.
through the veils of living,
deadline tangle, shoulds and must-haves
to un-be
from whatever dulls and disenchants.

Whispering like a spinning wheel,
threading one year to the next
goes Samhainstory:
aspen a-shimmer through the deep soft faraway;
weaving through the whistling constellations;
through the veil and silk of snow
and also .......... bright in the being,
Right here, right now.

Samhainstory © Brian Boothby