ChaNan Bonser

ChaNan Bonser lives in West Wales, as lightly as she can, whispers to plants and the elements, creates spaces both physical, emotional and of spirit. Healer, lover, mother, gardener, herbalist, and forager.

Diary 2023

I woke up this morning with
Leaves in my bed
The dreams of the night
Circling ahead
Mud on my toes
Snags in my hair
Fungal forays
Wafting my nose
Fingers painted
With colours of Earth
Planting the seeds
Of dreams to birth
My senses igniting
Trackways between
My flesh and my bones
And the places unseen.....

Leaves in My Bed © ChaNan Bonser 2021

The crack of the dawn
Celebrates the life blood in me
The water in me
The dance in me
My bones
Crystalline mycelium of earth
Reflected in the skies above
Star dust falling
Between me and my ancestors
Their blood in me
My footsteps in theirs
Lightly walking
Deeply grounded
Earth and me
We are the same.

Extract: We are Fruiting Bodies © ChaNan Bonser 2021