Aimee Blease-Bourne

Keen observer and witness to natural seasons, Aimee weaves alternative histories about people, place and nature. She is a writer and artist, with a passion for prehistory and scrap booking.


Diary 2022

She danced.
Around her the energy flowed as she became one with the sound.
The sound of the beating drum.
The beat became her, she became the beat.
The music enveloped her soul.
It seeped into her every aspect
Her tensions of old perspiring from every pore.
And light shone, where once sorrow lay.
She breathed for life.
She danced for life.
The space around her, electric: tantalised by her grace.
Lost within another world.
A space in-between.
Where energy flows spiralling,
Picking up the emotions,
And transforming them.

Ecstatic © Aimee Blease-Bourne 2018

Sat in a circle of stones,
Eyes closed shut.
Back against our thrones.
Dreaming of tomorrow
Yet grounded in the past
I am the web the spider weaves,
The rain dripping from the tree.
I am the sun shining on my face,
The earth, standing proud and strong.
I am the ache inside my heart.
The tear in my eye of green.

I am the day, awakening so brightly.
I am the night, of darkness and silence.
I am one mind,
One body,
One soul.

Circles © Aimee Blease-Bourne 2017