Orla Beaton

Orla Beaton lives with her family near the shores of Loch Leven in south Perthshire. Her poetry is inspired by relationships, the natural world and the deep quiet found in mindfulness & yoga practice.

Website: yoga-by-nature.com
Facebook: orlabeatonpoetry

Diary 2022

Since remembering the
Birthing power
I have within
An incredible strength
Has risen in my chest
Part anger at the state of the world
Part courage and fierce determination
To play my small part in
A great well of compassion
Rises from the depths of my soul
And in this well there is a jewel
Buried deep in the water
A bright shining light
In the darkness
A primal energy
To protect and serve
To birth a new way
Of living, of being
With ourselves and each other
And our Mother Earth

Birthing Power © Orla Beaton 2019

300 years from now
How will you be, my beloved
Baby steps, gentle steps
Value each one

Your ripples of kind intention
Infuse the Earth
They deserve your appreciation
And patience

Never doubt the power
Of walking a conscious life
Of planting seeds of compassion
Growing roots of care

Adopt the pace of an
Oak tree
Allow your heart to
Blossom softly
Over years, decades

300 Years © Orla Beaton 2019