Sue Barry

Sue Barry is a mixed media artist, intuitively capturing moments in Nature. Sue enjoys writing poems and her paintings are inspired by the energies of colour. Worked in Community Arts, and a Reiki Master still learning.


Diary 2024

blades of grass
beside seeds
taking flight
across life’s pathways

Breathe in the moment

Watch © Sue Barry 2021


Diary 2023

A tiny seed of life
Placed on a soft layer
Waiting to be covered
to be watered
A daily task to nurture growth
and Wait
for a sign of life
to peek through the darkness
into the light.

Tiny Seed © Sue Barry 2021


Contributors Showcase

Let the wind stir your soul
to dance the wildness
Dance nature’s patterns
as the days change
Dance till your heart
sings the beat of the earth
Dance into the depths of darkness
Dance into the coming light
Dance together in the wonder

Dance © Sue Barry 2023

Fluttering wind
light becomes
   a flickering
of shadows

Gentle Winds © Sue Barry 2022

       Look inside
Take a ride out of ego
       Hum a tone
of Love and Gratitude
Breathe into stillness
       Open mind
into cleansed frequency
See wonder with new eyes
       Hum a tone
of Love and Kindness

Look Inside © Sue Barry 2022

Drawback the hours into moments
shares sounds within
      like a coiled shell echoes
      a message

Reflection © Sue Barry 2022

Winds of my soul
Reflecting in the moment
    Winds of change
  dance into freedom
        Listen to the air
Exchange of nature’s sounds
     Seeds taking flight
across life’s pathway

Winds of my Soul © Sue Barry 2021