Suzanne Arnold

Story weaver, Nature-led ceremonialist, wise woman and holder of Sacred space, following the call of my Soul to connect with Love for the Earth and the power of community, for positive transformation.

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Diary 2023

In a time before time, when the Mother needed them, the women of the Land would gather in a special place, light the ceremonial fire and speak the sacred words and all would be well.

Over time, the call of the Mother was heeded less. The women no longer heard it; divided and bound they no longer recognised Her call. Some women heard and, although they no longer knew the place, they lit the fire and said the sacred words and all was well. They tried to tell the other women but were silenced.

Over time, when the call came, just one woman answered it. She’d forgotten the place and how to light the fire but remembered the words and all was well. She told her daughters but they could not hear.

Over time, the Mother called again and again but the women could no longer hear. Her calls became louder and louder. The women began to hear them with their hearts. They began to talk to each other and to remember a feeling of connection to the Mother deep within their souls.

Over time, the women heeded Her calls. They gathered all over the Land in special places and they lit the ceremonial fires and they spoke the sacred words from their hearts and they knew all would be well.

The Call of the Mother © Suzanne Arnold 2021