Yannick Dubois on connection with the land…

Yannick Dubois’ beautiful ‘Wheel of the Year’ features in the 2018 Earth Pathways Diary. Yannick writes for us here about his deep connection with this beloved land…

My journey to England began in Berlin, when I had Lyme Disease during winter 2013. Being unable to move for about two months, gave me plenty of time to think, but most of the time thinking wasn’t possible, because I did not have enough energy left in my body. I was forced to abandon thinking and in that lucid state beyond thought I started to see images from Celtic times and I knew deep inside, that I had to travel to England. Once I recovered from the disease, which was a hard teacher and a true initiation, I felt ready for a new quest. I started reading and researching about nature-based spirituality in England, signed up for a 3-years apprenticeship with the Druid College and made a list of all the sacred places I wanted to visit with my van. At that time I created a first version of my personal wheel of the year and its simple and ancient structure always guided me since then.
In June 2015, when I crossed over from Calais to Dover and finally arrived in the UK, I was full of excitement. Coming from an area in Belgium, where the inquisition had been especially cruel and devastating, I hoped to find a deeper connection to the wisdom of our ancestors on this beautiful island. Even though that deep love for the land is not on the surface of English mainstream culture, the air is still filled with old songs. It did not take long before I met new friends, who loved conversations about nature’s magic, elementals and the seasonal festivals, just as much as I do. When I first saw the Earth Pathway Diary, in the Lantern Community shop in Ringwood, my heart opened. I was amazed to see all this stunning artwork and I realized that there is a web of creative artists, who all resonate with that intangible but noticeable song of the land. I laughed at myself, realizing, that I am not alone in this experience.
Embarking on my journey into Druidry, I became familiar with the idea of the “Awen”, the flowing spirit of inspiration, that dances and shapeshifts from song, to poem, to painting, to cookies, so effortlessly. In 2016 I worked on a bio-dynamic farm and went for daily forest walks in the Ashdown forest in East Sussex. That’s when a new design for my Wheel of the Year emerged and first I thought it would be my personal tool, a way for me to integrate and represent what I am learning. Positive feedback from my friends encouraged me to publish the Wheel of the Year and I started printing it on organic cotton, so that other nature loving people could take it out on their adventures and use it creatively for their own celebrations and ceremonies. With the first incoming orders, I started drawing more animals and adjusted parts of the design to make it more personal to the people who ordered it. That was great fun and I love the idea that the artwork now has its own purpose.
For me my Wheel of the Year picture is like a child, that I have nurtured and now it’s ready to walk and find its own way out into the world. I feel honoured and happy to see it in the Earth Pathways Diary 2018. Ideally the Wheel of the Year serves as a reminder of the immense living treasure that is in the fertile soul under our feet and the fresh air around us. I hope that this symbol can help us to find orientation in the world and reclaim our own indigenous understanding of how to live life on this gorgeous planet more balanced, peaceful and harmoniously.

I recommend making your own version of the Wheel, because it’s fun and such a rewarding thing to do. At the same time, for those who are interested, my Wheel of the Year is available on my website as A3 Poster or printed on organic cotton.


Best wishes and Awen blessings,
Yannick Dubois

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