Using social media to promote artists and their work

Promoting your work is a necessary skill that artists do need to have and part of our commitment at Earth Pathways is to support writers and artists with ‘getting their work out there’ to a larger audience. However, we understand that it is sometimes too complicated for many people to get their heads around and so we are hoping to be able to add the occasional blog post on our Showcase blog with all sorts of useful business and marketing advice for the small business/sole trader artists and writers among our community. We are starting with Joanne Cook, a friend of ours at Earth Pathways, who is a freelance marketing consultant. She is committed to helping small businesses such as artists, and her hourly rate is wonderfully affordable. She can help you find creative ways to promote your business.

Here is a blog post from her own site that she has made to help artist promote themselves on social media.

Using social media to promote artists and their work

And please let us know if this is something that you would like us to feature more on the Showcase blog and what kinds of questions you would like investigated. We will do our best to offer sensible advice and even create helpful case studies if we can on all aspects of making your passion your profession.

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