Sam K Buller on passion, mindfulness and ‘treeart’

Sam K Buller’s painting ‘Spring Birch‘ features in the 2018 Earth Pathways Diary. She writes for us here about her love of painting and nature…

My name is Sam K Buller and after 20 years as a teacher, I finally found the courage to follow the advice I’d been giving to my pupils, and become what I truly wanted to become in this life, an artist. My passion for creating pieces of art is an addiction which makes my soul sing. In the beginning I painted for myself as it just had to come out, but now I paint pieces for others to fall in love with. I aim to create unique pieces which evoke a sense of piece, healing and relaxation. Inspired by the ancient woodland, where I live in Cold Ash, I hope to capture this serenity, enabling all the opportunity to just pause and breathe.

I mainly paint Birch trees, one of the first to colonise new ground, thus indicating a new start, the beginning of a new journey (used in making baby cribs) and a determination to overcome all difficulties. Traditionally used to ward off evil and drive out negative spirits, birch twigs are still used today to aid cleansing space. It is said they also aid concentration and lift spirits releasing tension and lessening stress. I am a great believer in using nature and pictures of nature to help relieve stress and enable natural healing. Taking just 10 minutes a day to focus nature has be scientifically proven to help reduce stress. Even just looking at a beautiful picture of nature can achieve the same physiological effects as taking a stroll through the woods.

I paint in my daughters treehouse, kindly rented to me, enabling me to be a part of what I aim to capture. I use a range of multi-media and paint on different services including slate and Perspex. I tend to paint in acrylic but many of my pictures go through several different processes before I’m happy with the final product. I paint pictures in a range of sizes making my art affordable for all. I also paint using transparent paint, as this enables me to achieve the high colour quality. These pieces are called ‘Treescapes’ and help aid meditation.

I have always painted throughout my life as it has provided its own stress relief, but it was only after a traumatic assault whilst teaching, that I began to truly understand the meaning hidden beneath the service of the canvas. During my recovery I was able to release old demons and begin a new, hence the immense healing properties of the Birch. I hope to bring these healing properties into the lives of others, enabling them to find the strength to tackle life and all it brings with it. To celebrate in the beauty of nature and enable it to become a part of your everyday life. Admire it, appreciate it and let it help heal, de-stress and inspire all who fall in love it.

I currently sell on line along with various pieces exhibited in Natures Corner and The Wellbeing Centre in Newbury. I’ve also sold at the Newbury Artisan Market along with local Christmas fayres. Keep an eye out for my pop-up galleries in and around Berkshire. I also aim to bring meditation and mindfulness into schools and have recently been commissioned to paint several pieces for The Holy Brook School in Reading, to help bring a sense of peace and calm.


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