Grace Quantock (2015 diary)
Grace is a wellness provocateur, writer & founder of Healing Boxes & Sick Chick to Trail Blazer. She is thriving with multiple autoimmune illnesses & lives in Wales. Join the Trail Blazers’ Movement by signing up to the newsletter at www.gracequantock.com

Nita Rao (2018 diary)
My art explores ideas of change and transformation, decay and renewal and our potential to journey both physically and spiritually. I live on a narrow boat on the River Soar in Leicestershire
Nita Rao on FaceBook

RavenCrone (Mezzie Lucerne-Lambourne) (2018/2016/2015/2014/2013/2012/2011/2010 diaries) (2018/2017 calendars)
I’m a Crone, Crow and Drummer, a crafter of Yarn and Weaver of words and magic. Still dancing on the edges, beating boundaries long forgotten. For advise on Natural Health, or for knitted commissions, contact me.

Amanda Rawling (2016/2015 diaries)
My home is by the sea and near the edge of the Penwith temple landscape, crammed with hut circles and hill forts. All my work reflects the deep connection I feel to the forces of nature and this landscape.

Gaia Redgrave (2017 diary)
Gaia is a Saori and mindful weaver, working intuitively to create beautiful clothing, ceremonial garments, handfasting cords, altar cloths, and items for the home. She is also co-founder of Garden of Awen.

Ark Redwood (2016 diary)
Ark is a professional horticulturist living in Glastonbury, and has, since early 2000, been the Head Gardener at the famed Chalice Well Gardens. In 2011, he published his first book, The Art of Mindful Gardening, which fuses horticulture with the insights of Zen Buddhism.

Emma Restall Orr (2013/2012 diaries) (2017 calendar)
Emma is an animist, poet and philosopher, working within the British Druid trasdition. Her recently published books include Kissing the Hag: The Dark Goddess and The Unacceptable Nature of Being and Living with Honour: A Pagan Ethics

Gill Rippingale (2014 diary)
I’ve spent many years drawing and painting but now divide my time between creating traditional artwork, as ‘Enchanted Art‘, and making quirky wooden jewellery and objets d’art using pyrography, as ‘Hug-the-Tree Pyrography‘. You can find both these pages on Facebook.

Izzy Robertson (2018/2017 diary)
Wife, mother, writer, editor, complementary therapist and crafter, wearing all hats with pride, trying to live lightly an dream deeply in the Dorset wilds. Stories, poems and other lyrical wanderings at www.izzyrobertsonauthor.co.uk

Lucinda Robinson (2016/2013 diaries)
Lucinda is a mother, qualified counsellor and maker of cakes and stitched loveliness. She thrives on ‘crafternoons’ with her fabulous women friends and time alone by her hearth or out in nature. Loves to wander through liminal places where Spirit sings.

Bryony Rogers (2018/2017 diaries) (2018 calendar)
Singer, writer, photographer, film-maker and healer artist; living and loving what is real, in the wild and among her fellow beings. As singer, song writer and group facilitator, she leads workshops in sacred song, meditation and transformation.

Angie Rooke (2018/2014 diaries) (2016 calendar)
Living in rural Somerset gives me constant inspiration to paint. From small, intimate hollows and wooded hill tops to wide skies and moors, it is beautiful in every season. I strive to recreate the spiritual atmosphere of this magical land.

Camael Rose (2011 diary)
Camael’s dynamic and mystical paintings are suffused in vibrant inks, which run their course across wet paper, images of inner landscapes emerging spontaneously, creating a space behind the colour, beyond form, from which the image emerges.

Coral Rose (2017 diary)
Creative print and web designer, co-designer for the 2017 Earth Pathways Diary.

Jaine Rose (2017/2016/2015/2014/2013/2012/2011/2010/2009 diaries) (2018/2017/2016 calendar)
One of the founder members of this glorious diary. Orange jumper, Doc Martens, artwork, magic, Red Tents, women gathering, feminism, recording life, textiles, ocean, hills, trees, starts, bonfires. Rocking my world with all that is wondrous.

Jessica Rose (2018 calendar)
Yowling, giggling, growling, growing, burning, sweeping, weeping, suckling, dreaming, stroking, seeking, soaring, crawling, spinning, leaping, quivering and b-b-b-breathing my never ceasing prayer of thanks for the raw beauty of being alive, of touching and being touched…