Naomi Ocean (2018 diary)
Lace knitting homeopath, mother and lover. I live in the green hills of Mid Wales. My inner cycles & the Earth/Moon/Sun cycles remind me that everything is connected.

Izumi Omori (2018/2015/2014/2013/2012/2011 diaries) (2018/2016 calendars)
I love to capture the moments of nature, moving with light & wind. I also love to create new flowers never seen before but you can feel them in your heart as if you have always known them.

Fiona Owen (2018/2016/2014 diaries) (2018/2017 calendars)
Fiona paints in oil on gesso, with gold-leaf. Her work is a homage to Nature and informed by dreams. The paintings are woven with Magical Symbolism and each is a living invocation of Green Magic that invites the viewer to enter the alternative reality of Mundus Imaginalis.

Meredith Owen (2016 diary)
I have a long drawn attraction and interest in nature and how we, as humans, interact with our natural environment in this world. I find the way we manage nature, how we view nature’s role in ‘our’ world fascinating.

Rachel Packer (2011 diary) (2017 calendar)
I enjoy writing poetry that celebrates life, our awakening and our connection to the Earth and draw inspiration from the changing moods of the landscape and the ocean.

Eleni Palanzas please see Eleni Matangi

Poppy Palin (2016/2015/2014/2010 diaries) (2016 calendar)
My illustrations reflect the all-embracing ethos of my wild and deeply green spirituality. They are as inclusive as possible, reflecting a diversity of species with beings both seen and unseen, revealing humanity as part of wild life.

Martin Pallot (2015 diary)
I live on the edge of Epping Forest and I’ve been writing poetry for a while, mainly inspired by Nature, Folklore and my Pagan beliefs. However, it’s only recently that I have started to inflict them on a wider public!

Owain Parri (2016/2014/2013 diaries)
Owain is a student from North Wales who is inspired by nature, particularly by the elements.

Sarah Partridge (2009 diary)
OBee is a Community Interest Company established to promote Environmental Education. Orchard Barn is in West Suffolk.

Marie Paurin (2015 diary)
I enjoy letting myself engulf in colours and textures of Oil and Acrylic seascape paintings. Also my new concept: wearing original paintings-brooches. Would you like to see some of them, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Cathi Pawson (2018/2016 diaries)
I’m mama to two daughters, a homoeopath and Plant Spirit Medicine practitioner, and I co-create Zaytoun CIC, fairly trading products from Palestine. I live in the watery lands on the edge of Glastonbury and I daily lose and refind my path.

Lucy H Pearce (2018/2017/2014/2013/2012/ 2011 diaries) (2016 calendar)
Lucy is a writer, artist and co-editor at Juno magazine. Visit her site at www.thehappywomb.com for empowering women’s resources and to buy her books and greetings cards. Her personal blog on motherhood, mindfulness and creativity is at www.dreamingaloud.net

Tamara Peirson (2014/2013/2012/2011/2010 diaries)
NLP Practioner, Life Coach and Hypnotherapist. Facilitator for personal development and transformation. Inspired by ancient wisdom and modern techniques to catalyse healing and happiness here and now. Individual and group sessions, workshops and events.

Jan Pemberton (2014/2013/2009 diaries)
My creative practice has become intertwined with the celebration of Nature. Working on-site gathering seeds, berries, leaves and flowers from plants growing abundantly. They gradually fade, returning slowly to the earth, leaving the imprint of beauty in our memories.

Lucy Pendrick (2017 diary)
Once upon a time there was a girl whose blood was of river and bones of trees. She dreamt deep dreams of nature’s fairytales and shared these with the world by creating woollen sculptures and weaving words long into the night…
The Whispering Wild

PixieMade (2018/2017 diaries)
Jeweller for over 20 years, busy Mum, nature lover who is always off with the fairies. Beautiful stones, folklore, music and the moon inspire my creations in silver. Commissions taken.
PixieMade on FaceBook

Katie Player (2015/2013 diaries)
Katie is a writer, sacred dramatist and creative arts tutor. She is a Priestess of Avalon and plays with Jacqui Woodward-Smith putting in the Scarlet Stitches. She lives in Glastonbury Avalon and can be found at katieplayer.org

Louisa Potter (2015 diary)
Louisa is a Bear mama of 2 girl cubs, Priestess of Avalon, lover of this land, word weaver, dancer, wild wanderer living in rural Somerset. She is a Goddess woman re-awakening the energy of the Bear Priestess.

Carolyn Probyn (2009 diary)
‘Banbha’ Goddess of the Land, Mother of Earth. Painted for the Autumn Equinox as part of the cycle ‘Living Goddess – Circling the Sacred Wheel of Brigit-Ana.

Liz Proctor (2017/2016 diary)
A writer and fundraising consultant, Liz lives, works and writes at home in rural Suffolk, endlessly exploring the fine balance between consultancy, child-wrangling and creativity.

Thea Prothero (2018 diary)
Thea follows a Druid path and uses words and photos to explore the bones of the land both within and without.

Sarah Pugh (2011 diary)
Sarah is a mother and Permaculture teacher based in Bristol. In 2006 she initiated Transition Bristol – the first Transition city and now works with Shift Bristol, a not for profit organisation created to provide training in all things sustainable.