Sheltering Tree Music

Featured Musician for Lammas 2015 is Sheltering Tree Music. Here is an excerpt from their website…

Sheltering Tree Music is an independent recording label and management company, recording albums and promoting the music of Chris Ellis and Celeste Lovick. We seek to work in a way that is environmentally and socially conscious and which helps to improve the world around us, even in small ways. The recording studio is powered by green electricity, CDs are printed on recycled card or paper and any jewel cases used are recycled.

Find out more about Chris and Celeste’s music and perhaps treat yourself to one of their beautiful CDs which includes Chris’s album, Piano Improvisations, recorded on a Steinway D grand piano. Click on the video below to listen to a sample of this haunting music, recorded during a live session in Dartington’s Great Hall, February 2009. The accompanying photographs were taken around the Dartington Estate during the time of the recording.gratitude-piano-improvisations