Robert King

Now that’s what I call synchronicity! Let me explain …

A couple of months ago I received a lovely email from some of our wonderful Earth Pathways friends in Scotland suggesting that their son Robert King might be considered for our Featured Musician spot this summer. When I got in touch at the end of last week to say that we would love to feature him they replied that he was just home and they were preparing for a big party in his honour as they hadn’t seen him for six months !

Don’t be too alarmed …please let me explain …because Robert’s is a quite extraordinary story! Since 2014 he has been travelling through towns and cities from Stornaway to Istanbul, Portugal to Poland, Rome to Leek ,in his own words on his “Acoustic adventures…wandering the green skin of the earth in the thin blue line of its atmosphere between the hands of earth and sea” writing songs and busking with his guitar, blogging about his minstrel travels when he gets access to wifi, following our Earth’s pathways, spreading love and positivity, making connections across Europe and without a doubt bringing a smile to many faces along the way . He describes himself as a songwriting nomad. Yes, Robert is a true modern day troubador . His songs are never maudlin, rather they are upbeat and uplifting and full of hope and joy. As he says in his Mission Statement “I know this… Music. You know it. We understand something so deeply through it that it cannot be communicated in words. It is hinted at in the unfurling of a leaf, whispered by distant rolling waves, found in the chattering of trickling ice-melt. And deep, deep in our very centre it communes with our indescribable, ineffable sense of Being, of existence. Because – and this is the closest I can come to explaining it, and the closest I ever will – Music Is. The Universe sings. Love is Music is Love.”


To find out more about Robert and The Infinite Busk and to follow this remarkable story head on over to his blog where you will find an up-to-date map with all the towns he has played since the story began.

As for recordings, there is an album on his Soundcloud from 3 years ago that is the most recent studio-quality recording he has, but he hopes to do something later this year, when he does he assures me that he’ll post it relentlessly on all the social media at his fingertips! So until then head on over to Soundcloud and listen to his 2014 album Blue Feather which he recorded before setting off on the Infinite Busk. Or even better buy a copy from his Bandcamp page .

There are some videos on YouTube to watch here –

And you can follow him on facebook here –

In the meantime if you come across Robert on your own travels stop and say hello, lend him an ear, dance and attract a crowd, drop some coins into his guitar case, and say hello from us all at Earth Pathways. And count yourself as highly honoured to be blessed with a live performance because apart from busking the only opportunity anyone will have to hear a live performance will be at one of his four booked gigs in Freiburg in October!